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  1. I know a landowner who had part of his property turned down for CRP signup (Johnson County, Nebraska). Why does that happen?

  2. I hunted the new CREP designated lands in the James River Valley of SD this year and had good success. Its similar to the CRP, but I think you can leave your land in longer.

  3. Tim R says:

    What is the best dog food for my lab, he pheasant hunts and duck hunts.

  4. Jim Bowman says:

    Best dog food? If, there’s such a thing. Just try to buy a premium brand with 30% or more protein, with no by-products & doesn’t contain fillers, i.e. wheat, corn & soy.

  5. Tim R says:

    Thank you sir

  6. Tim R says:

    So what foods would you recomand?

  7. Jr says:

    What is the better dog food, Country Vet or Enhance?

  8. Jim Bowman says:

    I use Diamond Pet Foods Naturals Dry. Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Country Vet & Enhance Dry are both rated 3 stars.

  9. Tim says:

    Thanks Jim I looked into that and you right im going to try it out.

  10. Nate Hawkins says:

    I am student doing a study to determine whether the rise in grain prices has diminished the amount of farm land, which is placed in CRP. I would ask are buffer strips considered CRP? If so how does the USDA determine the land owners subsidy? Also, are buffer strips effective habitat for the pheasant population.

  11. chat no sign up says:

    Why am i not allowed to sign up i filled in all of the fields but it keeps telling me that I did type in the correct phrase to not allow spammers or robots to sign up, help


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