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Base Layers Options for Early, Mid and Late Season Pheasant Hunting

While the rest of the country begins its annual obsession with all things related to pumpkin-spice, you and I know there are far more important things to fixate on. First and foremost, the quickly-approaching pheasant and quail season openers.

As the countdown to opening morning intensifies, you’ve probably already started rummaging through piles of upland gear while taking note of what’s ready to go, what needs to be replaced, and what’s missing. From shotguns and boots, to hunting vests and eCollars, every piece of gear you bring into the field has the ability to help – or hinder – your hunt. It’s easy to pay attention to big money items, such as remembering to tune up your gun, or break-in a new pair of boots, but oftentimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference at the end of the day. Case-in-point: When is the last time you put much thought into your base layers?

Long gone are the days of full-body wool suits and cotton t-shirts. Today’s base layers come with “WikMax®”, “Omni-Freeze®”, and “Ploly-dri” prefixes, which all aim at keeping you comfortable in any situation. Sure, you can have a nice $200 jacket and an even more expensive shotgun, but if you’re sweating in a clammy cotton t-shirt in October or freezing during a frigid December morning, you’ll be high-tailing it for the truck.

WSIshortsleeveEarly Season Options:

WSI WikMax® T-shirt (Made in the USA)

Availaible with a Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever logo, this shirt will keep you dry and cool. Made from 100% WikMax®material, the loose and comfortable fit is ideal for using as a stand-alone shirt during hot months and can also be used as a first layer during transitional seasons.

OmniFreezeColumbia PFG Omni-Freeze Freezer II

While it took some getting used to wearing a long sleeve shirt during warmer hunts, Columbia’s innovative quick-drying Omni-Freeze® advanced cooling fabric is actually knit with flat yarns for fast heat dispersion.  In fact, this long sleeve feels like it grabs the passing breeze and cools you down while offering great protection from harsh UV rays. Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever versions are available.

WSIMid-Season Options:

PF  WSI WikMax® ¼ Zip Shirt (Made in the USA)

This 5.5 oz. 100 percent polyester Microtech ¼ zip is one of Pheasants Forever’s top selling shirts, and rightfully so. I personally love wearing this underneath a traditional shooting shirt or fleece jacket because I know I’ll be dry and comfortable all day long. Featuring anti-microbial, anti-snag, and superior moisture-wicking technology, this shirt is available in both men’s and women’s cuts/sizes.

PFMockTurtleneckPF Mock Turtleneck

A classic design featuring updated materials, this Poly-dri moisture management performance shirt is made of 100 percent textured microfiber knit polyester fabric. Specifically made to draw moisture away from your skin, this is an ideal “no fuss” base layer for late October and early November.

Late Season Options:

MockTurtleBeretta Mock Turtleneck

If you’re outside chasing coveys or searching for roosters at the tail-end of the season, then you are sure to encounter some extreme conditions. This is where the Beretta Mock Turtleneck comes into play. Although this 100% cotton shirt will retain moisture if you begin to work-up a sweat, it will also be one of the warmest and most comfortable base layers you’ve worn. Therefore this is recommended for anyone who hunts at a slower pace or posts at the ends of fields. Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever versions are available.

The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Marketing Specialist.

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