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Birth of a Bird Dog Litter


It’s time for me to pass out the cigars. Two weeks ago, a litter of nine German shorthaired pointers was born in Iowa via the pairing of Hope, the dam, and Snuffy, the sire. The litter consists of four females and five males attached to nine different families anxiously anticipating their homecoming later this summer. I am excited to report one of those little female pups will be joining my family.

Familiar Bloodlines

After the tragic death of “Izzy” last autumn, I wanted to fill the void left in our home immediately. As with any loss – person or pet – it took time for me to come to terms with the fact my beloved bird dog was gone. During that time, I searched online for litters, evaluated hundreds of online German shorthair rescue profiles, and scoured the aisles of National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic for breeders. I considered a wide variety of breeds, sent my wife dozens of rescue profiles, momentarily considered adding two puppies at once, and learned a lot through the process.

Ultimately, however, I came back to the bloodlines I know fit my family and hunting style. Both of my bird dogs, “Trammell” and “Izzy,” have come from Top Gun Kennels and their “Higgins” bloodline. Steve & Jodie Ries, owners of Top Gun (and longtime Pheasants Forever supporters), provided me with the best option in a breeding with Izzy’s dam, Hope. So with a heavy dose of patience, I’m proud to announce I’ll be bringing home Izzy’s half-sister later this summer. And yes, I do indeed have her name already picked out, but I’ll be saving that proclamation for a future post.


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6 Responses to “Birth of a Bird Dog Litter”

  1. Seve says:

    That’s awesome, Bob. Congrats!

  2. Tom says:

    Small world. I have the same pictures you do of Hope and her pups. I have the 3rd pick of the males and this will be my second pup from Steve’s line.

    Look forward to meeting you on pick-up day…


  3. Bob St.Pierre says:

    That’s very cool Tom! What was the pairing for your first pup from Steve’s line? Trammell is a Higgins/Val match and Izzy was a Hope/Fletcher combo.

  4. Tom says:

    HI Bob,

    I have an 8 year old male that is out of Higgins/Tess (another female out of Steve’s line) that lives up here in Minnesota.

    I’ve had a couple other Shorthairs over the years and what sold me on Steve’s line of dogs is #1 their cooperation and ease of training. You combine that with all natural abilities and bird sense and you have a real hunting partner. These dogs want to please and want to hunt for the gun and you don’t end up hunting for your dog.

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  6. Rocky says:

    I raise registered GSPs and they are GREAT dogs! It’s always nice to see other people who appreciate them as much as I do. Enjoy the new addition to your family.


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