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Bobwhite Monitoring Tops Agenda For State Quail Coordinators from 23 States

Twenty-three of 25 state quail coordinators from National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) member states were among the participants last week in the annual meeting of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee (NBTC), the umbrella group of state wildlife management agencies and their partners overseeing the national initiative aimed at restoring huntable populations of wild bobwhites across their range.

While much of the attention naturally focused on quail management in the host state of Texas, the coordinators’ primary challenge has been to develop a first-ever standardized and coordinated monitoring protocol for quail “focus areas.” The focus area approach and standardized monitoring of results are keys to the NBCI habitat-based strategy for restoring bobwhites maximizing limited resources.

The NBTC Steering Committee’s goal is for each of the 25 NBCI states to participate with at least one NBCI focus area (most have or plan more), according to McKenzie, which must be monitored for habitat gains and bobwhite response, not only to provide credible evidence of progress but also to enable improvements in conservation delivery.

“The lack of valid, credible and comparable monitoring data threatens the viability of the entire quail restoration movement because it deprives us of documented success stories, robs sportsmen of confidence and hope, and undermines agency resolve,” explained McKenzie. “NBCI has worked with the state quail coordinators to find a voluntary approach that is not only science-based but also actually quite doable by each state. Unity in bobwhite conservation delivery and monitoring across the range will make the NBTC’s national initiative one of the premier conservation partnerships in the country.”

Quail Forever is a conservation partner in the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI).

Learn more about the NBCI at www.bringbackbobwhites.org.

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  1. richard oestreich says:

    This is great news. Recently moved to E. Tennessee from N. Wi.


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