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Browning Maxus – The New A-5?

I was 19 years old, and trying to balance hunting, working to pay for college, and studying. I wanted a Belgium Browning A-5 Magnum, so I saved tips for over a year before I found the gun I wanted. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. In a small shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the owner took me back to his private gun case and there it was. The A-5, just like Grandpa Lange used to shoot. It became mine!

Browning Maxus

The Browning Maxus reminds me a lot of that gun. It is a hunter’s gun – only better. The Maxus incorporates several new technologies and creates a gun with 18% less felt recoil, 44% less muzzle jump, 19% faster bolt speed, and 24% faster lock time according to Browning experts. What does this all mean to the hunter? It means greater comfort, faster target acquisition on quicker follow up shots.

Many of us only own one shotgun. Many of us hunt a lot – one day ducks, the next pheasants, maybe some quail or doves, and turkeys in the spring. The Maxus is that versatile “one gun.” The Browning Power Drive gas system technology makes that all possible. Its research and testing resulted in a new enclosed seal gas system that will reliably handle the light loads and the biggest turkey and goose loads. The Inflex Technology recoil pad is there to tame those loads.

All the modern technology that Browning has incorporated in the Maxus is great, but how does it HUNT? I recently carried the Maxus on an early season Canada goose hunt to find out.  The first thing I enjoyed, after taking a pair of geese from the first flock to work decoys, was the Speed Load system that Browning has used for years. It takes the first shell loaded into the magazine right to chamber.

However, I wish it had a fiber optic bead on the barrel. High visibility beads work great for low light conditions in the morning or evening. They are also great for turkey hunting because they really help with aiming when not using a red dot or scope.

That being said, I truly enjoyed shooting the Maxus on this hunt. Shooting Federal’s Black Cloud 3” goose loads in shirt sleeves was very comfortable with the gun, and deadly. I left the field with a smile on my face and reminisced about years past and that old hump back A-5.

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4 Responses to “Browning Maxus – The New A-5?”

  1. Dave says:

    I have an old 12 ga. auto that my dad gave me, he bought it from a friend. When people see it they often think it’s a Browning A-5. It is actually a Remington model 11 and has Browning’s patents stamped on the barrels (I have a long full choke and a shorter improved cyl. barrel for it). Do you know anything about this gun?

  2. Cody says:

    Hi..It was the first Automatic Shotgun produced in the USA. I think they started production in 1904 and ended in 1948. It is basically an A5 made by remington on license from browning. If it is in good shape its a nice gun. Hold on to that one.

  3. Ben says:

    I think I have an old A5 that my dad gave me too. The A5 was made in Belgium at one point right? Then they started making them in the USA.
    The one I have does not have any chokes so I don’t use it a lot.

  4. Brad Heidel says:

    Good chance that it is if it was made in Belgium. The Belgium Brownings of old are by far the most coveted. The gun in which I wrote about was also a Belgium Browning. Hold on to that gun! The A-5 was also made in Japan for awhile.


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