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Cougars, Snappers, and Some Dog Treats

Listen back to last Saturday's FAN Outdoors radio show for dog training tips from Steve Ries and an early pheasant forecast from Ben Bigalke.

Here are some quick hitters for this Monday morning.


  • Also last Saturday on FAN Outdoors, Ben Bigalke (Pheasants Forever’s Regional Wildlife Biologist for South Dakota) gives an early look at the pheasant forecast in the “Pheasant Capital” during the end of Hour 1 and the beginning of Hour 2.  Ben tells us it’s been wet during the peak of the pheasant hatch across SoDak, NoDak, Nebraska, and Minnesota.  Bummer!


  • I spent Sunday on the lake with my good friend Matt Kucharski.  The fishing was slow, but the sun was out and the laughs were fast and furious.  Good friends & the outdoors, always a good time.


  • Check out the story of Rick Oliver.  He’s a North Carolina dude who has been struck by lightning and mauled by a bear.  No mention of any deep sea fishing plans.


  • Cougars in the U.P.  Yep, the Michigan DNR has their 7th confirmed “Yooper” cougar in my homeland of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  I have yet to see a mountain lion in Michigan or anywhere else, but I have had the pleasure of tasting them at wild game dinners.  You may be surprised to know they are a very delicious white meat that reminds me a bit of pork.  They are legal to hunt in many western U.S. states.


  • Speaking of tasty . . . Minnesota’s snapping turtle season gets underway on July 1st.  Check out the Minnesota DNR’s fishing regulations book for the rules around snappers.  Be careful, they can snap off your finger, but their sautéed flesh is worth the risk. 


  • July 1st also marks the beginning of the new season of Pheasants Forever Television on Outdoor Channel.  I’m predicting this year’s premier episode will be Matt Morlock’s Hollywood coming out party.  Matt is an “Acre Maker” Farm Bill Biologist for Pheasants Forever in South Dakota and makes appearances in two segments of the PF TV season premier.  He’s also a helluva good guy, a cracker-jack hunter, and grows the meanest beard on the Pheasants Forever staff.


  • If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a gander at For Love of Dogs, an Outdoor Life group of essays I was honored to participate in writing.  I wrote about my love for German shorthaired pointers, while other hunters extolled the virtues of their favorite dog breed; including, a compelling essay on Labradors from my good friend John Devney of Delta Waterfowl.



  • And to end today’s hit list, I’ll ask the same question Field & Stream’s David Dibenedetto asked last week: Do You Feed Your Dog Table Scraps?  I will admit that my pup, Trammell, has been known to find a few nibbles after most dinners in the St.Pierre household.  What about you?  Does your dog get any table treats?

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    looking for two prints…by charlotte edwards…………..on the rise and platte river honkers…………..please e-mail or call 398-432-8925 thanks..larry

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    Good post. I’m a Mac user and this page displays a little funny.


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