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Day 1 – North Dakota

North Dakota is the first stop on the 5-state, 7-day Rooster Road Trip.

Greetings from the Rooster Road Trip! We pulled into Lisbon, North Dakota last evening.

It’s a guarantee you’ll overlook something on any trip, and in this case, it was Daylight Savings Time. Because North Dakota is a state where you can hunt a half hour before sunrise that meant we could be in the field just after 7AM. The duck hunters at the hotel took care of the wake up call with their racket at a quarter to 5. Let’s just say I’m unadjusted to the new schedule.

Elisia at the Pizza Ranch in Lisbon, ND, helped Anthony and Andrew fuel up for day one of the trip.

Lisbon is home to North Dakota’s first Pizza Ranch – a Pheasants Forever national sponsor – so we enjoyed the buffet there last evening and game planned. We also acquired some mixed reports on the area. The early-rising duck hunters from the hotel are also doing a bit of upland hunting, with limited success. An elderly gentleman at Pizza Ranch said birds are everywhere, and that we wouldn’t have any trouble.  Yet here we stand after the morning hunt with empty game bags! The reality, it seems, is probably somewhere in the middle.

The duck hunters were right about one thing – it’s wet as all get out here in southeast North Dakota. They said they’ve even sported waders on a few walks. We’re not going that far, but if you’re hunting either of the Dakotas this year, knee-high rubber boots should find a way into your gear bag.

We’ve seen a few roosters and sharp-tailed grouse, with a full afternoon ahead, so it’s time to get out on the road and put the “Rooster!” in Rooster Road Trip.

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7 Responses to “Day 1 – North Dakota”

  1. Heidel says:

    Any luck today?

  2. Bob Brengman says:

    My advice for you guys is be carefull of eating too much at all the pizza buffets and steak dinners. You’ll be walking off some but don’t want to come home over fed. Your wives/girlfriends won’t believe you were actually slogging around in those fields chasing roosters.

    Looks like you’re having fun. Keep us up to date!!!

  3. Brian Spanhut says:

    Too much Pizza Ranch, can lead to needing more sleep. Love the rooster road trip and the updates. Keep the blogs coming.

  4. Jim Jungroth says:

    Hey guys! That sounds like a really fun trip! What kind of gear are you using? Also how much are you guys walking when you are hunting? I love this Idea of the “Rooster Road Trip”!

  5. We put on the miles in ND, and my guess – unless we run into a bunch of roosters early – that we’ll walk even more today in MN. With 3 guys, 2 dogs and hunting gear coming out the windows, the Suburban has some tight quarters. We much prefer the hunting to the driving! Hunting MN in 58 minutes!

  6. Robert Smith says:

    Saw the “Rooster Roadtrip” printed somewhere and decided to google it. Just got done for a multi-day trip in Kansas. We didn’t do very well, but it was fun as always.

    I love the roadtrip concept, keep up the good work! I’ll be joining this week.

  7. Thanks very much, Robert! A day spent hunting in Kansas – no matter how it turns out – is a day well spent. And thanks for supporting Pheasants Forever by becoming a member, we greatly appreciate it, and so do the pheasants.


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