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Dog of the Day: “Buster”


“Buster,” Dave Lardy’s Labrador retriever, was the type of companion every dog owner dreams of. The sharp-looking, hard-hunting Lab passed away this April. “He never growled, mistreated or blew off a single person he ever met. He was an extremely friendly dog, always happy to meet new people. Besides shedding his white hair on a black pair of slacks, there was nothing a person could hold against Buster,” says Dave’s son, Ben Lardy. Buster helped introduce both Dave and Ben to hunting. “He could sniff out a table scrap small enough to be invisible to the human eye, but would also track a downed bird like it was his life’s mission,” says Ben, who is now a Pheasants Forever farm bill biologist.

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3 Responses to “Dog of the Day: “Buster””

  1. Scott Siman says:

    Sorry for your loss guys. I have a 12 year old hunting machine of my own and am not looking forward to what’s coming. I did start a journal of “Buck moments” several years ago. I keep special training sessions, hunts, retrieves, etc. in it so that Buck will live forever.
    Hope you have a journal also

  2. Chad Stensrud says:

    Buster was a great dog, I was roommates with Ben in college and whenever I heard that Buster was coming to visit it always got me excited, it helped with me missing my dog 3 hours away at home, but also gave me a chance to enjoy Buster in all his glory. Such a loveable dog, my best memories were feeding him Dorito chips while sitting in the basement of our house watching TV. He was a joy to be around, I’m a dog lover through and through and Buster was one of the best I’ve met. Rest in peace buddy, I hope you’re having fun across the Rainbow Bridge.

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