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Dog of the Day: “Clyde” Glides to Memorable Golden Hour Rooster


Ryan Miller and his English setter, “Clyde,” were having a tough go of it on this early November day in Minnesota. “After a couple weeks of doing really well on public land roosters, the birds finally started getting spooky the third week into the season. On this particular day, we walked a few different Waterfowl Production Areas and Wildlife Management Areas and saw a lot of birds but they were all getting up too far out,” Miller said, “After taking a late afternoon break, still without a bird in the bag, we were ready to try that last hour before sunset.”

The last stop was another Wildlife Management Area. “Clyde and I walked quietly around the edge of a cattail swamp tucked into a small valley surrounded by rolling hills, out of the wind. With about a half hour left to hunt, Clyde locked up right in front of me in a red willow thicket, on the edge of the cattails.”

“With the tough luck we’d had that day, I was expecting a bird to get out on the opposite side of the thicket without providing a shot,” Miller said, “I was glad to be proven wrong.” Clyde had pinned the pheasant perfectly, and seconds later a beautiful rooster flushed broadside, which Miller brought down with one shot. “After all that walking we finally had a rooster – one of the more memorable birds of the year. Funny how sometimes one rooster can make a whole day of walking empty-handed worth it.”

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2 Responses to “Dog of the Day: “Clyde” Glides to Memorable Golden Hour Rooster”

  1. ACE ZOLA says:

    Clyde looks a little beat up, perhaps a vest might be a good idea to protect an English Setters soft coat.

  2. David says:

    Love stories like that – thanks for sharing! It makes the wait between seasons a bit more bearable. ;)


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