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Dog of the Day: “Mesa”


“Mesa” has made a career out of hunting roosters with owner Erik Baufield, who reports the bird pictured may have been her final retrieve. The chocolate Labrador retriever turns 14 this summer.

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One Response to “Dog of the Day: “Mesa””

  1. erzola says:

    Bittersweet. Unfortunately us bird hunters and dog lovers have this experience as part of our and their lives. Had my first hunting dog at age 17 and now at age 57 never went a year without having a dog. It’s tough as hell but think of the good times and keep that in your memory. In the 1980′s I recall lifting my yellow lab over fallen logs on his last grouse hunt in my native State of Penna and I did the same about 5 years ago for my Drahthaar in his last year. They hunted for about an hour and we walked back to truck. Bittersweet.


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