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Dog of the Day: “Molly”


“Molly” is Joe Kirwan eight-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever. “We found out in August that she has inoperable cancer and were told she had weeks to live. We all moped around after the news and I prayed she would make it to hunting season and get a little time in the field. Hunting is what she loves.” Kirwan said, “It didn’t look good but as the season got closer Molly’s health improved. Almost like she knew it was just around the corner. Well, she made it and is showing no signs of the cancer beating her.”  They’ve been hunting in New York the last month and Pennsylvania’s ringneck season is to follow. In addition to her skills in the field, Molly is a part of the family. “We have two young girls both under the age of three. Molly is the best pet you could ask for and she loves those kids as much as they love her.” Kirwan said. The experience of a dog battling cancer has made him cherish their relationship all the more. “Knowing her fate has really made me focus on all the great memories she has brought and continues to bring.”

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3 Responses to “Dog of the Day: “Molly””

  1. Noah says:

    Beautiful dog! Hope her health continues to improve.

  2. David C says:

    Fantastic story! We should all live life like that – savor each day as if it were our last, never take anything for granted. Enjoy this season with her!

  3. Spencer says:

    Absolutely gorgeous dog!our prayers are with you and Molly, cherish very moment


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