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Dog of the Day: “Myla”



After losing his first ever pet, “Casey,” a 14-year-old German shorthaired pointer, last year,  Tim Olszewski and his family decided this year to add a new pup to the household. “Myla,” an eight-week-old German shorthair, is the new addition.

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6 Responses to “Dog of the Day: “Myla””

  1. John Brooker says:

    She’s a beautiful dog!

  2. Chris Riddle says:

    This is going to be a great pup. Thanks Tim for choosing 6R Upland Kennels for your perfect pup.

  3. erzola says:

    Pretty girl. Think she is going to be a big one.

  4. Rocky says:

    She’s a great looking pup!

  5. Tom says:

    Nice looking girl, I purchased an English Setter at the game fair last aug from 6R Upland Kennels. He is being trained now by Dale Westerberger.

  6. Jeff says:

    What a beautiful dog. Will grow up to be big and strong!


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