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Dog of the Day: “Saige”



Robert Cebula is a new Pheasants Forever member and now he has a new English setter pup, nine-week-old “Saige.”I’ve learned a lot this past year reading the Pheasants Forever magazine and all the posts on Facebook, I’m very happy I joined and very excited about my new pup,” he says. Cebula adds that “Saige” knows her name and is sitting on command. “That’s a start, right?”

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2 Responses to “Dog of the Day: “Saige””

  1. Scott Siman says:

    Bob; Nice pup. I highly recommend two things.

    1. Get her into obedience class tomorrow and attend faithfully for at least 3 years.
    2. Join an English setter training group and train with them faithfully for the rest of Saige’s career.

    Both will payoff in the field
    Good luck

  2. That is a very nice puppy, and I’m sure it will be one hell of a dog when it grows up. With a proper training, it will become a good hunting dog.


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