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Dogs of the Day: “Belle” and “Daisy”


Craig Armstrong says his English pointers, “Belle” (orange) and “Daisy” (black) were awesome all season, but really put on a show on this North Dakota December 2013 pheasant hunt. “They produced this limit of public land, late season roosters for me and looked beautiful while doing it.”

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2 Responses to “Dogs of the Day: “Belle” and “Daisy””

  1. mark says:

    My one and only one bird hunting companion The English pointer. their unmatched nose speed beauty determination and brains make them the ultimate bird dog. Nothing beats watching a pointer slam into a point freezing rooster in his tracks, or hearing a beeper change it’s tone and find your pointer holding down a grouse in the middle of no where. Not to mention the pure beauty of the English pointer as he travels through the cover.

  2. Chuck Forry says:

    Gorgeous dogs. They look so proud and sure have awesome muscle tone! Congrats on the hunting!


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