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NEW FOR 2013: Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover


Much like pheasants and ducks share a similar need for grassland habitat to nest in, pheasant hunters and duck hunters share a few similar characteristics as well, namely staying dry.  Along this line of thinking, Gamehide has modified its Marshlord Pullover for you to take into the uplands in 2013…and beyond.

Made from Gamehide’s new Stormhide SST fabric, the upper portion of the Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover is, as its namesake would suggest, laminated and waterproof for maximum protection. Pheasant hunting in the rain isn’t anyone’s preference, but it’s a good idea to safeguard against the worst – and I wonder what my dog would think of me if I bailed out because of a few raindrops. This is one of the few truly waterproof upland garments available, which alone makes it worthy enough to add to your collection.

I’ve always been a big fan of pullovers for the comfort level they provide, and the Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover checks out in that category as well. The fleece lined neck is soft and can be sealed up to shut out the elements, and the midsection fleece adds mobility and breathability. If the rain stops or it gets a little too warm, this pullover can be compactly rolled up and slipped into the back of your vest with little worry that it will affect your hunting or shooting (of course, if I miss, I always like to have something to blame it on).

Most similar pullovers these days easily top the three-figure mark, making the Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover remarkably affordable at about half the price. And like all products in the Pheasants Forever MarketPlace, by purchasing the Gamehide Marshlord Pullover from Pheasants Forever, you support wildlife habitat conservation. Whenever you find the “PF” logo, you know you’re supporting our mission to create upland habitat for ringnecks. No conservation group works harder or more efficiently to protect the places you and your dog rely on to hunt.

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The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Marketing Specialist.

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3 Responses to “NEW FOR 2013: Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover”

  1. I just don’t wear pull-overs. Maybe it’s my old shoulders, maybe it’s my hats, or maybe it’s my glasses, but they’re just too much trouble.

  2. Josh Bruns says:

    If you are tall and reasonably built this is not for you, sleeves are short and the body is big with no draw string.. Lucky for me I not only got to pay to have it shipped to me, I also get to pay to ship it back…

  3. edward tritico says:

    “PF” Marshland jacket is something I may be interested in.


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