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Get a Load of Federal’s “Prairie Storm”

Ryan Bronson, Conservation Specialist with Federal Premium Ammunition, left, and Howard Vincent, President and CEO of Pheasants Forever, at the premiere of "Prairie Storm" Pheasants Forever loads.

The biggest news for pheasant hunters to come out of this week’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas is the unveiling of Federal Premium Ammunition’s “Prairie Storm” Pheasants Forever shotshell loads.

What will make these loads so attractive to pheasant hunters is they utilize the same technology that makes Federal Premium Ammunition’s “Black Cloud” loads the number one choice for waterfowlers.

Even better, the Pheasants Forever-logoed “Prairie Storm” loads will function like the on-the-box-royalty program that Federal and “The Habitat Organization” have had in place in recent years. Every box of “Prairie Storm” sold will help Pheasants Forever’s wildlife habitat conservation efforts.

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4 Responses to “Get a Load of Federal’s “Prairie Storm””

  1. Dan Richmond says:

    I tried the costly Black Cloud this year without to much success. Only to find out that you need a special $75-$125 choke tube to get it to pattern correctly. Will this spendy new load require a special spendy new choke tube also?

  2. Beretta Boy says:

    Black Cloud doesn’t need a special choke- it is designed for factory chokes that come with your gun. Expensive ported chokes and wad-stripping chokes don’t work with Black Cloud, and won’t work with Prairie Storm, because the wad they use has tailfins that deploy at the muzzle. Use your regular Improved Cylinder (Modified is usually tighter than you need). That is the great thing about it- you get great performance without adding spendy hardware- and in my experience Black Cloud is terrific ammo.

    That said, if you are one of those guys that absolutely need expensive after-market chokes, a number of companies have developed Black Cloud chokes that you can screw in- they are milled to tighter tolerances but don’t have ports or wad strippers. My 391 and 686 both have factory chokes and I consistently drop ducks, geese and pheasants with Black Cloud.

  3. Hey Dan, the new load is expected to be in the same price range ($12-$15) as the Federal PF Wing-Shok loads. I expect it to pattern correctly with some existing chokes, but because Prairie Storm has the same FLITECONTROL® technology that Black Cloud does, I would anticipate choke makers to introduce aftermarket chokes that work well with Prairie Storm — and perhaps even provide better pattern performance in some cases.

  4. Thanks Beretta Boy, great info. I, too, have rolled with the factory chokes with Black Cloud and it has proven deadly.


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