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Getting Birdy for Big Bucks

To be quite honest, I don’t normally think about deer hunting in June. I consider myself more of a “meat hunter” than anything else and my preseason big game preparation usually begins and ends with clearing out a few shooting lanes and checking my stands in September. This year, however, might be a bit different.

Last October a rogue buck wandered by my trail camera and I’ve had a tough time picking up my jaw ever since. Figuring he was just passing through, I didn’t think much of it when he didn’t show himself during the 2010 firearm season. In fact, by the end of the year, I assumed he had already made someone else’s day.

The "Big Boy" shows himself in a trail camera picture taken in fall of 2010.

New evidence proves otherwise.

Here, the same buck from 2010 shows some new growth (photo taken in June).


To my astonishment, not only did he survive the gauntlet known as the Minnesota Deer Season, he looks bigger and better than ever. Common sense would say I need to have my rear-end glued to my deer stand for a majority of this fall, but unfortunately I know that in order to keep the lady happy, I only get so many weekends afield and my true passion is hunting pheasants with my dog.

Do I fill my freezer with a healthy doe and be happy pheasant hunting more with my Lab, Beau?  Do I just hope he happens to wander by one of the times I plan on hitting the hardwoods with my bow or gun? Or do I devote every spare moment to taking what could be the buck of my lifetime? I do wish some of my favorite hobbies didn’t all take place within the same 4-month window of time…

What would you do?

The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Pheasants Forever’s Marketing Specialist.

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6 Responses to “Getting Birdy for Big Bucks”

  1. Jon Durham says:

    Teach Beau to pull a sled and haul that beast out of the woods.

    Good luck.

  2. Sean Hauck says:

    Andy – Congratulations on becoming a “Full Draw Fanatic.”

  3. Jim Stone says:

    My opinion, take a doe and go Pheasant hunting with Beau and let that buck spread his genetics for future hunts. Of course, it’s easy for me to say… when that buck isn’t tramping around in my woods. Touch call, but think of the future.

  4. Iowa Mike says:

    Go for the long tails of course! Time spent with your bird dog does not count against your overall lifespan – they are bonus days. Good luck and you never know you may get the big boy and plenty of birds.

  5. uguide says:

    Andrew, I too admit to being a brother hood of the bone collector. Sitting in a tree stand with a bow during peak rut rivals a cackling rooster in front of the dog. And besides, CRP benefits whitetails and pheasants alike. Teach Beau to hunts sheds TOO! Pursuing a personal best buck is always a worthy challenge.

  6. Tommy says:

    Who DAt! Choot em! Choot dat limb shaker VAV!!!!! Take him on a day when the recipe does not spell roosters or fowl. You do have those days ya know…….? Good luck. See you on the flip side!


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