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How Big is South Dakota Pheasant Hunting?

Grasslands and a wild pheasant population of more than 8 million birds keep hunters coming back to South Dakota.

This week, South Dakota released its figures for small game hunting licenses. I doubt many people are drawn there by jackrabbits, so even though it’s officially a “small game license” it could just as well be considered a “pheasant license.”

South Dakota sold more than 180,000 resident and nonresident small game licenses in 2010, and for the eighth year in a row, sold more nonresident licenses (102,003) than resident licenses.

How does the total compare with other states? Here’s the state-by-state breakdown.

State # of Pheasant Hunters
Idaho 20,500
Illinois 22,200
Indiana 11,000
Iowa 74,000
Kansas 108,000
Michigan 56,000
Minnesota 107,000
Missouri 6,800
Montana 27,000
Nebraska 80,000
New York 55,000
North Dakota 107,000
Oregon 6,900
South Dakota 180,000
Texas 18,600
Utah 16,800
Washington 19,500
Wisconsin 60,000

Add it up, and that’s nearly 1 million. I don’t have info for a few states – California, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wyoming – so conservatively, we could say 1.2 million people actively pheasant hunt annually. Run the numbers, and approximately 15 percent of the nation’s pheasant hunters are taking to South Dakota fields in a season.

Anthony’s Antics Afield is written by Anthony Hauck, Pheasants Forever’s Public Relations Specialist

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  3. uguide says:

    Hi Anthony, it was great to meet you at Pheasant Fest in Omaha. Let’s try and get out in the feild this fall and add to those pheasant license stats in SD!!


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