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I Prefer to Hunt Alone

The author follows Montana's "Big Sky" behind his German shorthaired pointer "Trammell"

The author follows Montana’s “Big Sky” behind his German shorthaired pointer “Trammell”

While I enjoy hunting in the company of a few good friends, I most look forward to the days I get to hunt by myself.


Sure there’s the avoidance of any witnesses to those easy shots missed; however, I think there are two basic reasons why I like hunting alone best.


First, when I hunt alone, I am free to follow my dog without worrying about asking permission from the group or staying in line for safety.


Second, I value solitude.  Sometimes I just want to be quiet, think and walk.  I’m not a fan of planning the hunt, hunting the plan and post-hunt evaluation.  That level of analysis is best left for the cubicle.


Give me a section of grass, I’ll turn the pup loose and follow.  Personally, that’s my idea of the perfect day afield.



When you’re pheasant hunting, which do you prefer:

A)    Just me & my dog wandering the landscape.

B)    Small group of one or two other hunters to focus on the best cover.

C)    Large group of hunters to push big chunks of cover toward blockers.


The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre and listen to Bob and Billy Hildebrand every Saturday morning on FAN Outdoors radio on KFAN FM100.3.

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4 Responses to “I Prefer to Hunt Alone”

  1. Terry J. says:

    A and sometimes B. I would agree, I also prefer to hunt alone or a couple of friends, depending on the specie, and the individuals.

    Large groups in the field make me uncomfortable and there is always one or two that get ahead or fall behind, and someone with a shotgun behind me makes me uncomfortable. I’ve seen many instances where the dogs also get confused with too many mouths going at the same time. That is, in part, why I minimize conversation in the field. The dogs are not the dumb animals, respect them.

    Everything else, turkeys, bear, and more, I prefer to hunt alone. I am a very disciplined hunter and that’s what I go for, not to get away from the wife or have a few beers with the boys. I don’t quit when it rains and I don’t get bored in the woods. I’m all business when I hunt, that’s what I’m there for.
    I work all day with idiots, I don’t need them in with me in the field.

  2. John says:

    A+B combo. I usually goes like this, I’m gonna take my dog and go this direction you take your dog and go that direction and let’s meet back at the truck in a couple hours. So yea I kinda prefer to hunt alone but like the company before and after

  3. Rich Wentworth says:

    I choose A. That being said, I almost never turn down the opportunity to take someone bird hunting (or any other kind of hunting) that wants to go. Especially if it is another hunter’s first time out. Nothing gets me as excited as seeing excitement, amazement and wonder on a new hunter’s face when their first rooster blasts out of the cover.

  4. Jeff says:

    B and for opener C. For me pheasant hunting is about the camaraderie. Getting out with a few buddies and working some patches. For opener we tend to have a group anywhere from 6-30 people. We get together every year for opener and have been since we finished high school. As the years go by and people have careers, families, etc. for a lot of us it is the one time a year we all get together. Our love of pheasant hunting brings us together and we as a group have memories and stories we can talk about for a lifetime.


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