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Looking for the Extreme Woman Hunter

I know many of the women who read this blog enjoy hunting and probably most of you hunt pheasants. But if you enjoy the higher adrenaline rush of pursuing bears or mountain goats or caribou in rough terrains, you may qualify as an Extreme Woman Huntress. And if you do, why not enter a contest that is out there by this very name. Go to http://tahoefilms.com/contests/extreme-huntress-contest/to find out more information.

The Eye of the Hunter™ Extreme Huntress Contest will be judging 500 words-or-less essays about why you are the most hardcore huntress along with two photos of you hunting. If you win, you will be declared the Extreme Huntress 2012 and will win a trip to Africa to hunt cape buffalo plus be completely outfitted. The hunt will also be filmed and will air on NBC Sports. Deadline is October 1, 2011, so hurry and enter. Let me know if you win!

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