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My Pheasant Fest Agenda


National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic plays to the weaknesses of upland hunters: dogs and shotguns, and not always in that order. PF File Photo

Pheasants Forever will celebrate its 30th anniversary beginning this Friday as part of National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Like most attendees, I’m going into this year’s event with my own personal search agenda complete with dogs, shotguns and friends from the past.  Here’s a look at what my eyes will be focused on at the show.

1)      L’Escarbot Kennels.  With a last name like mine (St.Pierre), I have always been intrigued by the idea of owning a French Brittany (Epagneul Breton).  At this year’s Fest, I’m going to make a point of stopping by Booth #1540 to visit with some Minnesotans who have made a name for themselves as America’s leaders in Epagneul Bretons.

2)      28 Gauge Side-by-Side.  There must be some connection to growing older and gravitating toward smaller gauged shotguns.  The last couple of weeks, I’ve been on an internet and sporting goods store search for my first side-by-side and 28 gauge.  I’m looking forward to checking out what Browning (Booth #s 635 & 734), Beretta (Booth #s 447 & 534), Caesar Guerini (Booth #s 1034& 935), Connecticut Shotgun (Booth #1105,1204) and CZ (Booth #s 607, 609, 611, & 613) have on display for me to shoulder.

3)      Georgia Pellegrini.  One of my favorite books of the last year was Pellegrini’s Girl Hunter.  Although, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Georgia on the phone and during FAN Outdoors radio interviews, I’m looking forward to actually meeting her in person and taking in one of her cooking seminars on Saturday of the Fest (11AM, 1PM & 4PM).

4)      Braque Francais.  With more than 300 exhibitors, I don’t even know what I may or may not find on the Pheasant Fest show floor.  The current Gun Dog magazine’s feature story on the Braque Francais has piqued my interest, so my eyes will be scanning the Bird Dog Parade and kennel booths in search of this rare breed.  As a current German shorthair owner, these pups strike a stunning resemblance to my GSPs.  #Intrigued!

5)      Ruffed Grouse Society.  When your mission is conservation, no group can succeed alone.  In that spirit, I am excited to visit the RGS booth (#1140 & 1142) and renew my membership with this fine conservation partner.  For you elk hunters, also be sure to check out the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s booth #1719 as well.

6)      Friends.  Without a doubt, the best part of Pheasant Fest is seeing the good people that share in the cause of conservation.  From Wild Wings to Hecla’s Dakota Hunting Farms; Focus Outdoors Television to Scott Linden; High Fly’n Kennels to Berg Brothers Setters, Pine Shadows, Casey from Aberdeen and the list goes on; I am fortunate enough to call these folks my friends in conservation.  See you all soon!

Now it’s your turn.  What’s on your To Do list at this year’s Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic?

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre and listen to Bob and Billy Hildebrand every Saturday morning on FAN Outdoors radio on KFAN FM100.3.

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4 Responses to “My Pheasant Fest Agenda”

  1. Terry J. says:

    Hey, Bob, in between attending all of the meetings I need to be at, I am expecially looking forward to visiting the Gun Counter. As I approach the later years I would like to get one, just one, very very nice over and under, and I favor Berettas, cost aside.

    I also want to keep researching the different breeds of dogs as well, pluses and minuses.

    And as always, as I have done at every Pheasant Fest since 2003, I really enjoy meeting new people.

    I am excited for the weekend.
    See You There,

  2. [...] Forever and Quail Forever’s Vice President of Market, mentions in his latest blog post (http://www.pheasantblog.org/my-pheasant-fest-agenda/), that he will be stopping by the Focus Outdoors TV booth to say hello to friends in conservation. [...]

  3. Chuck D says:

    Bob, As an old guy myself I gravitated to a Fausti Deo s/s in 28ga. I also acquired an old man’s dog. A Korthals Griffon of French bloodlines. Works close and an old guy can keep up with him.

  4. Jacob D says:

    Mr. B. St.Pierre

    My only agenda for the weekend centers around the bird dog activities. Specificly both the seminars and breeding kennels. I have personally bought into the silent command of Hunt SmIth thus cannot pass up an opportunity to benefit from 75 years of Delmar with the Then and Now / 260 years experience of Ask the Experts seminars. While also intrigued with the Braque Francais, I have developed a deep fondness for another little known under appreciated German versatile breed, the Small Munsterlander first introduced by Paul Jensen some forty years ago. This is a very people oriented family pet in the home while an avid, intense and tireless hunting machine in the field. I would encourage all dog enthusiasts including yourself to visit the Small Munsterlander club of North America. (SMCNA) booth #1455 / 1457 and talk with club president Bobbe Carney about this very interesting little companion. She has furthered the efforts of Mr. Jensen serving a significant and integral role with the development of the breed standard and the clubs breeding program. Both are a must see for me at this years Pheasant Fest.


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