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NEW FOR 2013: Upland Innovation Continues with Tenzing Bird Vest


In recent years, manufacturers have become more innovative to meet the demands of upland bird hunters. Let’s acknowledge that every vest holds shells and birds. But we want more. Much more.

Light and comfortable? How ‘bout I have to think really hard to remember I’m even wearing it. Water capabilities? Undoubtedly, and plenty for my pooch, too. Bird bag? That’s a given, but I’d rather not risk dislocating my elbow while reaching around to drop a rooster in.

It’s this innovative line of thinking that’s led to the creation of the Tenzing “PF” Bird Vest, new for 2013. Tenzing Outdoors, a gear company known for ultra-light hunting packs and equipment, has created an upland vest that functions more like a pack. Checking in at a mere 3 lbs. 2 oz., the Tenzing Bird Vest features 13 pockets, is capable of holding two or three liters of water and retrieved birds are easily slipped in the large wrap-around carrying component. But the guy who designed the vest knows even more about it than I do:

Note: The PF version comes in blaze orange as pictured, not the prototype shown in video

While I won’t use this vest on a regular season upland hunt until September, and October for pheasants, summertime is dog training time and this vest has many applications that mean my Tenzing “PF” Bird Vest will get plenty of use this June, July and August.

This vest is the first Pheasants Forever logoed offering from Tenzing, made for the type of upland hunter who will go that extra mile. And like all products in the Pheasants Forever MarketPlace, by purchasing the Tenzing Bird Vest from Pheasants Forever, you go the extra mile for conservation. Look for the “PF” logo on this vest and know you’re supporting our mission to create upland habitat for ringnecks. No conservation group works harder or more efficiently to protect the places you and your dog rely on to hunt.

The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Marketing Specialist.

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21 Responses to “NEW FOR 2013: Upland Innovation Continues with Tenzing Bird Vest”

  1. Matt says:

    TWO hundred fifteen dollars……

    For a hunting vest. My first shotgun didn’t cost that much.

    It’s cool though.

  2. Ric Oestreich says:

    Way too many gadgets for me, Looks cool but functional? I’ve had numerous vests over the years. I prefer large front bellows pockets, no shell loops. One chest, large with a flap. Less is more to me.

  3. Dick Greene says:

    Interesting – I’m a vest junkie – is the Game pouch/bag blood proof or mesh. I’ve made a mess of my rig in the past.

  4. Decent vest, interesting concept. Front pockets are too far back and there is NO WATER BOTTLE pockets for my DOG WATER! Major FAIL, do you not hunt with a dog?

    Send me your revision two and I will test it out once you get it right.

  5. Glen Bahde says:

    I see the ultra light influence coming. But this was not made by a dog man nor traveling wing shooter. The pockets are in the front and that doesn’t help climbing or horseback riding. Where is the bottle holders? Check out http://www.wingworks.biz for the same price point and double the function and durability. In fact a few years back PF highlighted that vest.

  6. Ron Jermey says:

    If only Iowa had enough birds to fill it……

  7. Scott Williams says:

    Once the vest is filled will it still balance on your shoulders? I agree with others you need to have water bottles!

  8. Chuck D says:

    Highly technical. I’ll stick with basics and keep my Filson strap vest.

  9. I agree, doesntlook like it was designed for dog handlers.This is very very important. I suppose you could use the radio pockets for a bottle.
    The price point is very very high. badlands makes a very nice vest for less.
    Also, as far as the Iowa comment goes…keep thinking the birds arent here and it will leave more for me :-)

  10. Chuck says:

    Looks like a great vest. The hydration bladder clearly shows the designers were considering dog handlers. Those shell pockets are plenty large enough for using one side for water bottles to supplement the bladder. Nice part.

  11. Chuck says:

    If you look at the front of the shell pockets, you will see the water bottle holders in orange mesh.

  12. tom thoelke says:

    Sad thing is some yuppy idiots will gladly pay that much for a vest.

  13. Greg says:

    I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Mother vest. I have had this vest for 6 years or so and I love it. Too bad its starting to were down. Although I agree with those comments about hydration for your dogs, I’ve had no issues with hydration with my Mother pack. The system is basically the same i currently use. I do see an improvement in H2O capacity in this pack and all of my dogs will drink from this type of system. The Mother pack also had small shell pockets that were too far back. Is this an issue with the Tenzing pack? As far as my transmitter, I currently use electrical tape and tape it to the shoulder strap opposite my gun arm. (I like the access and it doesn’t swing around.) I would love to be able to try one on and see how it fits and how it functions. Anyone in Denver carrying Tenzing packs?

  14. Shane Idyle says:

    Cost Prohibitive, wouldn’t mind winning one in a raffle or drawing or something, though.

  15. Duane Bush says:

    That is a great looking vest. Finally someone is paying attention to smart technical detail and design for upland hunters. Vests without waist belts are complete antiquated junk unless you like sore neck, shoulders and back or never fill your game bag. These guys got it right!

  16. ron riedesel says:

    hmmm after years in a bird-n-lite vest and stuffing 32 oz. water bottles in it and having them slosh around behind me ALL DAY, im getting ready to change to a vest that holds a water bladder system, plus i like to carry 1st aid,water,power bars for my dog,a leash and so forth so i need/whant lots of storage. i have tried on a few tenzing back packs and they are awsome quality im sure this vest is second to none in the quality dept. hmmm i might give this one a try. im thinking vests like this are the future of all bird hunting

  17. Andrew Vavra says:

    Hi Ron,

    I love this Tenzing and the camelbak system does work pretty well if you don’t mind a little dog slobber on the mouth piece. Also, it’s great to see any new upland products being made where it’s clear they were listening to hunters. However, push come to shove, the WingWorks vest is still my go-to vest when it comes to water for you and your dogs. The small pocket in the back isn’t nearly as versatile as the Tenzing but it does the job for most loose accessories without feeling like you’ve got junk banging off the back of your hips all day.

    Here are some links to check out: http://www.pfstore.org/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_18&products_id=1155


    The Tenzing or the WingWorks should keep you more than happy for years.

  18. ron riedesel says:

    andrew i was gonna pull the trigger on the wingworks, but i waited to long and now the owners are all out hunting (understand fully)and they are out of vests and material for the rest of this year, so it may be the tenzing that i strap to my back this year. im gonna email wingworks to get a better picture then i’ll go from there. also if im looking at the tenzing right, i think that mesh on the back may hold colapsible water bottles for the pooch. i think.

  19. Emperor_MA says:

    Any feedback on this vest/pack now that it has been used?

    I am a rigid traditionalist at heart but since I readily accept the latest technology when backpacking or skiing gear is in consideration I figured I might give this product a look (I tend to stick with my Filson and LL Bean stuff for bird hunting).

  20. Duane Bush says:

    I have the vest and it works great! Takes all the load off my shoulders/back/neck and distributes some of the load to your waist where it should be. Old vests without proper waist straps don’t do the job unless you like sore shoulders neck and back as all the load is carried there. I have used Pella for several years and although that was a big improvement over the old style vests this Tenzing is the best yet. Deep pockets, lined game bag, water bladder holder… There are no drawbacks. You get what you pay for and this is first rate and some $$$ goes to PF.

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