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New Pheasant Almanac Celebrates Nebraska Pheasantennial

National Pheasant Fest 2011 will introduce Shafer's Nebraska Pheasant Hunting Almanac.

The ring-necked pheasant was introduced to Nebraska in 1911. A new book, Shafer’s Nebraska Pheasant Hunting Almanac, celebrates this “Pheasantennial” year, and will debut at National Pheasant Fest 2011.

Author Lonnie Shafer of Exeter, Nebraska. has hunted pheasants in the state since 1956. Shafer grew up in southeast Nebraska-quail country. In order to hunt pheasants, he, his father, his brother and other hunting friends would head for Nuckolls County on opening day, a three-hour drive from home. “It was those trips that have made me a lifelong pheasant hunter,” Shafer writes. “Dad loved quail hunting and dining on quail. I fell for the ring-necked pheasant…”

Shafer’s Nebraska Pheasant Hunting Almanac marks the Pheasantennial this year, the 100th anniversary of ring-necked pheasants in Nebraska, with a 294-page volume of collected information-historical data, facts, statistics, hunting tips, quotes, photos-compiled by Shafer over the years, including charts for each of Nebraska’s pheasant hunting season from 1927 through the latest season in 2010 and a section devoted to young hunters. It even includes a few recipes.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Pheasants Forever both helped to bring the almanac to publication through the advice and assistance of staff and permission to use photos and other material in the book.

Shafer will be on hand to sell and sign copies of the almanac at National Pheasant Fest 2011, Jan. 28-30, at the Qwest Center in Omaha.

The Pheasant Fest Blog is written by Brad Heidel, Pheasants Forever’s Director of Special Event Sales

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One Response to “New Pheasant Almanac Celebrates Nebraska Pheasantennial”

  1. Lonnie, Erin passed this site along to me. I may have beaten you by a year (1955 for me) but hunting in the Oak, Edgar, Davenport, Ong, Shickley areas as I grew up is something I’ll always cherish. I remember my 1st shotgun vividly because every time I shot it the forearm would come loose. I would have to opt for quail but pheasant is ok too. While I hunted them, never did like flying fowl. Great job.

    Larry Williams


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