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Of Brush Pants Blues and Good Ideas…

Can normal brush pants be improved?

Ever have an idea you’re convinced is a good one, but since no one has ever done it before, you think there’s got to be something wrong with it? We all have them, right? Here’s one I think is a winner, but maybe there’s some fatal flaw about it I’m not seeing, so you tell me.

But first, a little background: I and several other bird hunters were standing around the tailgate one morning last season shooting the bull after one of those long, hot, thoroughly demoralizing death march-like quail hunts where you walk miles and raise nothing but dust, when one of my companions – eying the ever-increasing holes in the crotch of his expensive brush pants – posited this simple question: Why doesn’t anyone cover the crotch of their pants with the same material they use for the legs?

Why not, indeed? I thought it was a brilliant idea. Thinking back, I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn out a pair of brush pants from the front, but I’ve gone through racks of them due to wearing out the crotch area. The blue jeans/Cordura fronted brush pants are particularly susceptible to this.

But if brush pants makers would only extend that nylon facing up a few more inches, they’d last forever. We’d never need to buy another pair. Which, when you think about it, may be why they don’t…

But anyway, what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Any reason it wouldn’t work? Any tips to increase the life of a pair of worn-out brush pants?

Chad Love writes for Quail Forever (Pheasants Forever’s quail conservation division). From Woodward, Oklahoma, he is a lifelong upland hunter and “bird dog guy” who also writes the Man’s Best Friend blog for Field&Stream.com.

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  1. Jim Bowman says:

    If you want the “Best” Upland Briar Pants on the market & have a lifetime guarantee (like all their merchandise), try LL Bean. Can’t beat the price & quality.


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