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Packing a Suitcase Warm Enough for a Pheasant Hunt on the North Pole

The best single item of hunting clothing I've ever owned.

In September, I blogged about my early season hunting clothes selections in a post titled A Bird Hunter’s Suitcase: Everything but Underwear.  As you read today’s post, I’m headed west for my fourth visit to SoDak this pheasant season.  On this particular trip, I’ll be hunting with FAN Outdoors radio host “The Captain” Billy Hildebrand in temps approaching zero, so I thought it appropriate to detail my favorite late season duds. 

By the way, please tune in to www.KFAN.com this Thursday evening from 7 to 8PM CST and this Saturday morning from 6 to 8AM CST for live broadcasts from the pheasant fields of Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Beretta Wind Barrier Sweater: If I were stuck on a polar ice cap, this is the piece of clothing I’d want with me.  There is no hyperbole in the statement that this is the single warmest, most efficient, best piece of hunting clothing I’ve ever owned.  ALL SIZES NOW IN STOCK.

Boyt Base Layers: I used to be an Under Armour guy until I started wearing Boyt’s merino wool zippered top.  There exists no more comfortable “long underwear” item than this one.  The other notch in the belt is that Boyt supports conservation groups like Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever and Ruffed Grouse Society. 

Boyt Heavy-Weight Uplander Socks: Speaking of our friends at Boyt, they make a heckuva good pair of toe-coverers.  Tired of socks that slide down your boot?  This pair ain’t cheap, but how much would you pay for warm feet on a hunting trip?

Stormy Kromer: As a native Yooper, it’s my duty to don the cap of the northwoods even in the pheasant field. 

Wrangler Upland Jeans: When it comes to comfortable pants, I’m a jeans guy and these are the best out there.

Filson Tin Cloth Chaps: If there’s heavy snow, then I throw these babies over my jeans and the snow just slides off without ever melting . . . in other words, my jeans never get wet and cold because Filson chaps protect my legs like armor.

PF’s Leather Trophy Gloves: I like to feel the safety and trigger, so I go with unlined gloves.  These babies will keep me warm as long as the temps don’t sink below freezing.

Browning Strap Vest: I have short arms, so I am really conscious of bulky clothing to enable quick shouldering of my scattergun.  Consequently, I’m a guy that likes to wear strap vests.  Thanks to the warmth of my Beretta Wind Barrier Sweater, I can afford a game bag that doesn’t come in coat form.

Danner Santiam Boots: I have two pairs of these bad boys.  They are warm and comfortable.  Unfortunately, Danner discontinued this model in the spring.  I’ve been told they are bringing it back . . . but so far it’s not appeared on their website.  This bums me out because both of my pairs won’t survive till the 2011 opener. 

Pendelton Wool Board Shirt: I discovered these 100 percent wool shirts on the closeout rack of a local mom & pop sporting goods store last spring.  BEST DISCOVERY EVER!  Talk about the perfect shirt for cold weather hunting.  The only downside is the exorbitant price.  If you can find them on sale, buy six. 

Prairie Storm: Want late season power that will reach out and grab those “educated” roosters?  Here you go!  I was in Gander Mountain last night and there are still a few boxes left.

Garmin Astro: I’ve got my new toy along for this trip too. 

Snowshoes: Ever tried to walk through two feet of snow?  These babies will save you from a heart attack.  Honest; you’ll be surprised at how much easier your walking will be, and you’ll be surprised by the balance. 

When the weather turns cold, really cold, make sure you've got the warm gear packed.

See you on the airwaves this evening and on Saturday morning bright and early at 6AM!

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.

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  1. Trent says:

    A balaclava to cover your face is nice when it’s super cold, as are gloves and socks that you can put hand warmers in. I also picked up a trick from my snow skiing outings-wear the silk sock liners inside your big wool socks to wick away sweat from your feet. I have a pair of lined brush pants too, they are really warm, and if it gets realllllly super cold I will put on some artci lined Carharrt overalls.


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