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Pheasant Hunting Old School Style

The PF Stormy Kromer hat is an old school look that still fits the bill afield today.

Long before Hollywood pretty girl/boys like Ashton Kutcher and Wilson Valderrama thought they were cool wearing “trucker” hats, your dad, grandpa and their pals donned the lids, shot birds, shared beers afterword and didn’t need to pretend to be cool because they already were.

The “old school” phenomenon – think 70s rock concert tour tees and throwback sports jerseys – reached the world of hunting last year when Drake Waterfowl unveiled its Drake Old School Camo™ Apparel. Obviously, this heritage line is a bit more utilitarian in that it’s nostalgic while functional. Though I don’t personally own any Drake Old School, I did shoot a few ducks last year wearing an old, similarly patterned relic, so it’s safe to assume the design hasn’t lost its effectiveness.

Which brings me to my question: What would your “old school” line of pheasant hunting apparel include?

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7 Responses to “Pheasant Hunting Old School Style”

  1. jay says:

    High top canvas sneakers, blue jeans, denim jacket with patches, dekalb baseball cap, pocket knife with only 2 blades, tan vest and 2 3/4 shells from Coast to Coast store.

  2. Devin says:

    It’s a plain old canvas jacket that my great-grandfather used to wear and some old work boots. In pheasant season, it’s a stocking cap. The wool kromers just never sat well on my head.

  3. Dan says:

    Carhartt, Purple shells, Sorel boots, Black Cotton Jersey Gloves, Black Labs, Remington 870′s and Model 11′s and foam insulated Jones style caps.

  4. chuck says:

    870 wingmanster shotguns, the english springer, and taking your dad along with his ratted out filson vest and a sweat stained vented baseball cap, and eating lunch in the local bar when you are done for the day.

  5. The first gun I ever hunted pheasants with was a Coast to Coast single shot. My younger brother took his first pheasant with it, but I never hit a thing. This fall might be the right time to dust it off and give it another try!

  6. Personally, I do prefer the old school waterfowling camo designs over the current patterns. I am also a sucker for the Yooper-made Stormy Kromer. But when it comes to pheasant hunting gear, I am a big fan of the new stuff – hydration vests, brush pants, Danner boots, eCollars, etc.

  7. Ben Streitz says:

    Old school? You have to go with Filson pants; Filson strap vest; Filson wool socks; classic tin cloth hat and Filson gloves- did I mention Filson? These products still rock!


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