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Pheasants Forever: Member Profile 2011

Many Pheasants Forever members - approximately 2 in 5 - have attended their local Pheasants Forever banquet for 10 or more consecutive years.

Every couple years, Pheasants Forever surveys members to gauge their thoughts and interests and to build an organizational demographic. As a member based organization, this feedback guides “The Habitat Organization’s” direction. Here’s a snapshot of the most recent profile survey. Just don’t let the word “average” fool you – there’s really nothing “average” about a Pheasants Forever member!

  • Why join Pheasants Forever? The top reasons members listed:
    • Pheasants Forever’s unique model where funds stay under local control
    • Get info on pheasant hunting
    • Receive the Pheasants Forever Journal
  • Longtime Pheasants Forever Members
    • 38% of Pheasants Forever members have been members for more than 10 years
    • 11%  have been Pheasants Forever members for 20 years or more
    • The average Pheasants Forever member has been part of the organization for 8.1 years
  • Wanted: Youngsters and Women
    • The average Pheasants Forever member is now 52.2 years old
    • 97% of members are male
  • Public Land Habitat
    • 52% of Pheasants Forever members don’t own land or own fewer than 9 acres, and 86% of members don’t lease land
    • 85% of Pheasants Forever members rate habitat preservation projects on public land as a main benefit from the organization
    • 78% of Pheasants Forever members say land acquisition projects with public access is a main benefit from the organization
  • Hunting
    • 90% of Pheasants Forever members hunt
    • The average member hunts 22 days per year, including 14 days a year hunting upland birds
    • Of those who hunt, 29 percent do so in the Dakotas annually
  • Bird Dogs
    • 65% of Pheasants Forever members own a dog
    • Of those dog owners:
      • 42% own a Lab
      • 17% own a German Shorthaired Pointer
      • 6% own an English Springer Spaniel
      • 6% own a Brittany
      • 5% own a Golden Retriever
      • 4% own an English Setter
      • 4% own an English Pointer
      • 2% own a German Wirehaired Pointer

(Compare this list to the guesses Pheasants Forever’s Bob St.Pierre had in his blog entry What’s the Most Popular Bird Dog Breed in Pheasants Forever Land?)

Anthony’s Antics Afield is written by Anthony Hauck, Pheasants Forever’s Online Editor

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8 Responses to “Pheasants Forever: Member Profile 2011”

  1. jeff says:

    I am surprised that only 65% of members own a dog. Who pheasant hunts with out a dog? Who’d want to?

  2. Bob Sewell says:

    People that don’t have a dog of their own probably enjoy hunting with friends or family that have dogs. i know that if everyone in your hunting party has a dog in the field it would be very busy some days.

  3. uguide says:

    Did I tell you I was a recovering analyst? I love data!

    I want to know who the 10% that don’t hunt are? 52 year old average age is kinda scary, no?

  4. We love our 52 year old members, and many of them have supported Pheasants Forever for much of their adult lives. But we’d like to see that number start trending the other direction. There’s no age discrimination at PF – twenty and thirty somethings are encouraged to join!

  5. Stacy Dvorak says:

    As PF’s newest Minnesota State Volunteer of the Year, Female and only 36 years old…. those are numbers that we need to work harder at changing to ensure the legacy that our parents and grand parents set out years ago is passed on. I don’t volunteer because I have time, I don’t work on habitat projects because I have time, I don’t introduce someone new to the outdoors because I have time. I MAKE TIME!!

  6. @Stacy — totally agreed! As younger female PF members, we need to work harder to mobilize our demographic! I think it is a power in the making.

  7. Frank Holdmeyer says:

    Sorry folks, at almost 61 I’m part of the reason the average is “high” or “old”. But I know Anthony won’t hold that against me!

  8. Kevin says:

    I’m 22 and this is my second year as a PF member. From talking to a lot of my hunting friends their biggest holdback is “not having the money” (I guess college kids have other places to spend their money…). I know we definitely use CRP though! Hopefully as they start to graduate and get jobs they’ll realize what a vital organization PF truly is!


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