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Please Don’t Name Your Bird Dog “Bob”

PF's Matt Morlock and his English setter, Bob

I am an admitted bird dog name snob.  I realize that and also admit to having named my bird dog after a has-been baseball player from two decades ago – Trammell.  All that said; I encountered a new dynamic with a bird dog on this year’s Rooster Road Trip in South Dakota.


Have you ever been in a field with two hunters named Mike?  Sure, it’s a little confusing, but at least both Mikes can speak for themselves.  However, I bet you haven’t been hunting a field with a bird dog that responds to the same name to which you respond, have you?  Humorously, that’s exactly what happened with Matt Morlock’s English setter, Bob, and I yesterday.


Matt and I are friends, but rarely have an opportunity to hunt together.  Consequently, we walked the fields next to each other for an opportunity to chat.  The name confusion arose in the middle of a cattail stand that towered over both our heads.  A rooster flushed in front of Matt and he made a nice swinging shot to drop the bird in the middle of the cattails.  That’s when the instructions for “Bob” to do this and do that began.  Add a howling wind to the tall cattails and you can imagine my confusion about what I was supposed to be doing and what “Bob” the dog was being ordered to do.  It made for a fantastic rendition of “Who’s on First.” 


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2 Responses to “Please Don’t Name Your Bird Dog “Bob””

  1. Joann St. Pierre says:

    Too Funny :)

  2. Nathan says:

    Whoa, Bob! Whoa!


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