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Please Don’t Name Your Bird Dog That Either

When you're picking a name for your new bird dog puppy, employ the creativity worthy of the hunting machine they'll become.

My Facebook news feed has been busy with pictures of new puppies delivered over Christmas.  They are all adorable and have me envious.  I’ve never seen an ugly bird dog puppy.  There are bird dogs I like the look of better than others when they are fully grown, but I challenge anyone to send me a photo of one ugly as a puppy.  Let me reiterate; BIRD DOG PUP.  There is such a thing as an ugly puppy and it is called a pug.  Go ahead, Google “Pug Puppy Pictures.”  What you’ll find is proof of aliens visiting earth. 

Anyway, it got me thinking about dog names again.  Last year, I offered the blog post “Please Don’t Name Your Bird Dog That” about names inappropriate for the self-respecting bird hunter.  This year, I implore all the new bird dog puppy owners to employ a little creativity in their name selection process.  And, it just so happens VPI Pet Insurance issued a press release on January 3rd ranking the most popular dog names during 2010.  In other words, here is your definitive list of top 10 names to avoid in 2011.

1. Bella (holds the top spot for the second consecutive year)

2. Bailey

3. Max

4. Lucy

5. Molly

6. Buddy

7. Maggie

8. Daisy

9. Charlie

10. Sophie

There is no doubt thousands of bird dogs with these names will develop into some of the best hunting machines on the planet.  I simply prefer a name that stands out equal to a pup’s talents. 

Got a creative bird dog name?  Drop it in the comments below. 

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.

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45 Responses to “Please Don’t Name Your Bird Dog That Either”

  1. Brian Piernicky says:

    Zeus! Very dominant sounding name with power to it…Next shorthair I get will have another powerful name.

  2. Tom Weyandt says:

    Buck. Can get too confusing after you miss a shot.

  3. Susan Busbee says:

    I like Gunner…it’s one of my favorites!

  4. Pat Burger says:

    I want to name my dog, Bob St. Pierre.

    Seriously enough, the next male dog I get will likely be named Rooster.

  5. Pat: Not sure how to take that . .. however, there is a good reason why you shouldn’t name your next dog “Rooster” if you’re a pheasant hunter: http://www.pheasantblog.org/bstpierre/please-dont-name-your-bird-dog-that/

  6. Vicki Hartman says:

    Hoping for a male WPG…Will name him Angus!

  7. dan says:

    a name should be unique enough for the pup to not get confused on your calls, for example if you use Whoa to hold your dog back when on point dont name him Bo etc…

  8. Phil Mitchell says:

    The most interesting name that I can remember was about 10 years ago at an AKC Hunt Test. A black lab male called Getem.

    On marks in a Master Test, he would line the dog and just say GET ‘Em!

  9. DJ says:

    Named my big black lab Brutus. We call him Brute for short. If you saw him, you’d understand.

  10. Jenn says:

    We have an Indy and an Edel (Short for Edelweiss, from the song in Sound of Music) Never met another Edel and only one other Indy.

  11. Jason says:

    My buddies yellow lab has a very fitting name, Rowdy.

  12. Nate says:

    My yellow Lab is Ruger. And the one before him was Shooter.

  13. Rick says:

    I want to name my next English Setter “Crump”, short for “Tea ‘n Crumpettes”

  14. Ron says:

    I figured when I gave my pudelpointer (Rock Creek Grace) a call name, it wouldn’t be too original….go figure.

    Bella….she’ll be 5 in May.

  15. Tommy says:

    My Englis Setter is named Bert, after Bert the Chimney Sweep.

  16. Allan says:

    I have a Gunnar – Means Bold Warrior. Also Red Lab named Rogan – call him Rogi. Best hunter we call Tag – When our last Golden died Suddenly my wife named the new Pup Tag as in “Tag” you’re it.

  17. Yvonne says:

    We have a Bang, whose registered name is a long story in reference to her sire shooting blanks ggg and we’ve kept two from her last litter, Sheldon, whose r egistered name is Big Bang Theory, and Trip, whose reg. Name is Bangs Triple Threat Tri, a tri colored Brittany!

  18. John says:

    I have a new absolutely beautiful black Lab who will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I believe he will be the greatest dog I’ve ever hunted behind. He’s already mastered six commands, I’m quite proud of him. He is named after and old Scandinavian relative, Gunnar…

  19. corrie bigelow says:

    My pointers name is ruger. I think it speaks. For itself

  20. One eyed spear chucker says:

    just got my chesador pup named him remi!

  21. Matt in SD says:

    Yellow lab named Daisy, two English Setters named Luke and Bo…next dog might have to be Cooter… I’ve got a brother Jesse so he is “Uncle Jesse” to the dogs & my kids already.

  22. David Gallagher says:

    My GSP’s name is cephus. My neighbor has a dog named Bo so we dropped the Bo from Bocephus

  23. matt martin says:

    I have a Brittany named Ruger and a GSP named Browning (Brown for short)

  24. Jason Stepp says:


  25. Tye Sonney says:

    I have two English Setters. One is named Haze and the other is named Chip (short for Chippewa).

  26. Geri in Alaska says:

    Our first German Shorthair was Jager (hunter), then Tipper and JD (short for Kentucky Koolaid), our girl Sierra, and now Tipper jr. Of course all of our dogs have a “von somewhere” attached to their names too, in honor of places we have been.

  27. jake says:

    I thought annie would be on it for sure but is not.

  28. Diana says:

    We have ARGO named after the all terrain vehicle and Anya which in russian means inexhaustible and she is pretty close to that…they are both Deutsch Drahthaars

  29. Matt says:

    Dutch, after Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. The ultimate hunter!

  30. Jarbo says:

    Had a chocolate lab named MOOSE(for choc mousse and his size), a current old brit named BUCK(buckshot0, and a soon to be WPG whose name will be TAZ.

  31. Vince says:

    A Vizsla named Ronaldus Magnus von Zoomkopf. “Zoomie” for short. My wife is a USAF veteran & “zoomie” is a term the other branches use to refer to airmen. Besides that, he’s really fast!

  32. Raymond Dittman says:

    Had a litter of gsp pups in ’04, last one out was the runt of the litter. Wife and daughter kept calling him “Peanut”. Here Peanut would not cut it out in the field. Thought about it…Chales M Schultz drew “Peanuts” cartoon, A good German name, Schultz it is.

  33. wolfie says:

    lessee here…I got a Tobie, and a Pete, and a Wompers(aka Rosie), and a Vegas….all WPGs…I think I’m ok…

    I will say, as far as bird dogs go, I know a couple of Bellas, a couple of Baileys, a couple of Maxs, a couple or three Lucys, a Buddy, a Maggie, a Daisy…and a good friend of mine who’s a puppy trainer…her name is Molly…

  34. Lindsey says:

    How about a WPG named Shotgun Gage.

  35. Steve Stenger says:

    I thought when I named my German Shorthair Fritz that it would be a fairly common and obvious name. Judging from the above list, my choice appears much more unique.

  36. Liz Breehl says:

    We have an english springer spaniel named Cabella. It fits her perfectly! shes a great bird dog! We also have a black lab named Maddy…not as creative but shes still a great dog!

  37. David says:

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  38. RDSINSLP says:

    I have a six year old British Lab name “Scout”.
    My young bride named her have the popular “To kill a mockingbird” character. The wife names the dogs, I get to name the children, that’s the deal.

  39. Glenn says:

    I got my first gordon setter a year and a half ago. The breeder’s dogs all had southern names so we named her Bonnie, as in Bonnie Belle Butler (daughter of Gone with the Wind’s Rhett Butler)…We’ve made her registered name Bonnie Monster Barleycorns

  40. Sami Jo says:

    we have had some black labs since my father started hunting, and we have got our dog Mae, and she is a POINTING lab, which who is VERY fun to hunt with! She is going on her 2 litter of puppies, and i’m keeping one, always wanted a dog named Tonka, but is also liking the name Bella, (which i think is too common) but i saw some that said Skye, which i really like (: well, any suggestions?

  41. Jake says:

    I’ll probably name my next dog Churness

  42. Jumpnjill says:

    We named our WPG Winchester !

  43. Elin Kocab says:

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  44. shoeirf800 says:

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  45. Brock P says:

    I have a year old english springer spaniel that i named Cooper.. Its a great name and I can use “coop” for short. Easy to use in the field and haven’t met another hunting dog with the same name yet!


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