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Put me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play

The Labrador retriever goes from last season's pitcher to designated hitter on this year's lineup card.

Last year, I wrote a blog titled “Pitchers and Bird Dogs Report to Spring Training,” which merged my love of upland bird hunting with my previous career in baseball.  With MLB kicking off full squad spring training this week, I’d like to offer my thoughts on how winter free agency has impacted my team of baseball playing bird dogs for 2011.  Yes, it’s a bit of an odd blog but grab that lever under your office chair, recline and imagine hot dogs grilling and fresh cut grass.  Summer is a comin’!

Around the Horn

Pitcher: English setterComing over in a one-for-one trade that sent the Chesapeake Bay retriever to the Madison Mallards, this crafty veteran brings moxie, guile and style to my team of upland canines.  Think Greg Maddux

Catcher: German wirehaired pointer - This versatile pup moves behind the “dish” from centerfield.  Such a dramatic shift in positions may be perceived as a big move for some athletes, but for this grizzled veteran, it’s just another day at the office.  Think Thurman Munson

1st Baseman: Clumber spaniel – The Clumber brings the lumber to my squad after signing a big free agent deal in the off season.  What this pup lacks in range, he’ll make up for with a nose to dig balls in the dirt.  Think Boog Powell

2nd Baseman: Brittany – This rangy midfielder continues to occupy the pivot on my double play combo with the shorthair.  The Britt’s gold glove continues to vacuum up big ground.  Think Bobby Grich

Shortstop: German shorthaired pointer – As a guy that owns a shorthair named after a former Detroit Tigers shortstop, there’s no way I don’t slot my favorite pup into her natural position on the diamond as “The Field General.”  Think Alan Trammell

3rd Baseman: Boykin Spaniel – The newest sporting breed entrant to the Westminster Kennel Club and official dog of South Carolina came over in a three-way deal sending the Weimaraner to the Sioux Falls Pheasants and the Cocker spaniel to the Columbus Canvasbacks.  Think Evan Longoria

Left Fielder: English Pointer – Last year’s season ticket holders demanded this fan favorite join the local nine, so after a long off season of negotiations, the big running pointer brings his skills out to left field.  Think Ricky Henderson

Center Fielder: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon – After a cup of coffee with the big club last September, “Griff” makes the leap to the majors for good with his beyond-the-years maturity, speed and retrieving power.  Think Ken Griffey, Jr.

Right Fielder: Golden retriever – Despite consistently picked last, the golden remains a fan favorite.  When you need a big play in October, this pup is up for the big retrieve.  Think Reggie “Mr. October” Jackson

Designated Hitter: Labrador retrieverLike Babe Ruth, the Lab moves from pitcher to the big stick in the lineup.  Think Babe Ruth

The Babe Ruth of bird dogs?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what breed would make a solid middle reliever, pinch runner, or closer.  Remember . . . don’t take it all too seriously; it’s just a spring training game.

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.

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6 Responses to “Put me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play”

  1. Mark says:

    I would go with a weimeraner for a middle reliever, hopefully it is a cross with a g. shorthair though. As a German Shorthair owner and fan, I totally agree to have them at short, but catcher would be a good choice as well, as they call a darn good game.

    Another reliever could be an Irish Setter. They look real pretty, but don’t want them out on the mound too long.

    Finally, throw a duck tolling retriever in the bullpen, not so much as a serious threat, but easy to teach to throw strikes and might catch the opposing team off a bit.

    Out here,

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  3. Ron says:

    I’d put my pudelpointer in the same group as current MLB’er Craig Counsell….utility player. He can do it all, and so can she.

  4. Tyler J says:

    I’d take a chesepeake as closer, ugly as hell, tougher than nails, kinda a loose canon, intimidates the heck out of every dog out there, and never backs down from a fight, but come november and the waters freezing he knows his job and does his job, think jeff reardon

  5. Paul says:

    Springer Spaniel as your Pinch Runner.

    When you absolutely have to manufacture runs and your putting in the double steal and the home plate is on, this guy will leave his heart and soul running through the heavy cover to get the runs across the plate.

    Think Mickey Rivers

  6. Kim N Price says:

    Baxter the Boykin Spaniel has the moves of Ozzie Smith and the power running and hitting of Roger Maris.


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