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Ruminating About Roosters

The daylight is becoming shorter and the daydreams are getting longer. My random trips to the sporting goods store – “just to take a look around” – are becoming more habitual than checking my email. If I clean my shotgun one more time the barrel might become see-through. Yes, the autumnal equinox may not be until September 23rd, but for this guy and his bird dog, fall has mentally arrived.

So what better way to kill some time (because that’s all we’re doing until pheasant season starts anyway, right?) than by ruminating about what I am most looking forward to this upcoming pheasant season:

  • Growing an epic beard (Marty Stouffer, anyone?)

    Nothing beats spending time with your “fall friends” exploring the eccentricities of the road.

  • Getting lost on a lonely, old back road and stumbling into some great looking habitat
  • Trying out Minnesota’s new Walk-In Access Program (although with the bird numbers down this year, “walkin’ program” may be the more operative phrase)
  • Playing the “What’s that stain?” game while staying at a crummy hotel in the middle of nowhere
  • Spending time with great friends, the type whom you swear don’t escape their home/cave/relationship unless the leaves have turned color and a shotgun is nearby
  • Eating junk food while on the road, justified because “I’ll just walk it off while hunting” (Yeah, right…)
  • And last but certainly not least, hitting the fields for a second season with my 19-month-old pup, Beau

Looking at my list, I know that no matter how good or bad a “projected” hunting season is, I’ll be out there just the same. Oddly enough, it appears the things I enjoy  most about chasing roosters have more to do with the “being” than the birds (although a heavy game bag never hurt anyone!).

As fun as it is seeing a bird fold in front of me, it’s hunting behind my dog that I’m most looking forward to.

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming pheasant hunting season?

The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Pheasants Forever’s Marketing Specialist.

6 Responses to “Ruminating About Roosters”

  1. Ryan J says:

    training the dog and letting her get after some geese and doves!

  2. Whenever I make the effort to get outdoors, it seems like I’m always rewarded with a new discovery or experience….whether its finding a deer shed, watching wildlife in their natural habitat, bringing home a souvenir feather or rock, or packing out a rooster after some great exercise.

  3. Joining my husband in the fields of North Dakota for the first time.

  4. J&A Les says:

    1)Finding a new ‘Free to hunt’ field on the map.
    2)Seeing my pointers stub start wagging.
    3)My son up at 4 am dressed ready to go.
    4)The dog staring motionless at a clump of grass.
    5)Saturday nights in the field.

  5. Jack Dillon says:

    I’m looking forward to my first trip to South Dakota this Dec. (should it be Aberdeen or Mobridge area) for pheasants and ducks. Enjoying the trip with my dad and uncle who are feting up there in years. My labs first season hunting (she’ll be one in Nov.). And the huntin’ beard I can grow starting with a week of bow hunting the PA rut in Nov.

  6. Paul Rondeau says:

    I cherish this time of year as 5 good hunting buddies from east to west across Canada gather with me to hunt in a North Dakota town for 4 days of friendship laughter and good old rooster shooting in the area. 3 of us have met for 21 years straight and the day we all have travel back home is the day we begin to dream about next year.


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