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Rooster Road Trip Gun Review: Browning Cynergy Feather Composite

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The Browning Cynergy Feather Composite 12 gauge. Photo by Rehan Nana, Pheasants Forever

The Browning Cynergy Feather Composite 12 gauge. Photo by Rehan Nana, Pheasants Forever

Until this week, I’d never shouldered an over/under shotgun. Hunting pheasants across five states in five days may not seem like the ideal time to not only switch shotguns, but switch from the only action (pump) you’ve known for nearly 20 years. Thankfully, the Browning Cynergy Feather Composite has made the transition seamless.

So seamless, in fact, the first longtail I swung on in North Dakota crumpled at the report of my first-ever o/u trigger pull. As I cracked the shotgun open to eject the spent shell, for a moment it seemed like my life was complete. Then, when the dog retrieved the bird and I put the Cynergy up on my shoulder for a memorable trophy picture, it was.

While this o/u isn’t yet a classic in the aesthetic sense, the black composite is striking enough to draw looks in the field, and the gold enhanced grayed finish is pleasing up close. The composite make also has an almost “sticky” feel to it, making for confident gripping and shouldering.

Weighing in at just 6 lbs. 7 oz, with an ultra-low profile, the Browning Cynergy Feather Composite is the type of shotgun you can carry around the field all day, or in my case, five consecutive days.

One North Dakota rooster escaped unharmed when I momentarily forgot I wasn’t carrying a pump. I had all night to brood about this golden hour operator error on the safety and one unfulfilled dog. I vowed not to let it happen again, that tomorrow is a fresh start. Seeing the next rooster flushed coming back to me in the mouth of a happy little dog made me feel like I’d been shooting this Cynergy my entire life. And if all we can do is live in the moment, I had been.

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The Browning Citori Bags Roosters Right out of the Box

Monday, November 14th, 2011

The rooster must have been chased before because he was not interested in holding for my shorthair’s point.  In a burst of feathers and attitude, the cackling pheasant flushed out of the waving grasses and banked to my right.  I shoulder the walnut stock, swung the 26-inch barrel in one fluid motion passing the tail, breast, beak, and squeezed the trigger.  Prairie Storm steel 4s chased down my quarry. 


Do you remember the first shot with your favorite pheasant gun?  For one lucky Pheasants Forever supporter, this will be the story of the first shot ever fired from their slightly used, but new to them, Browning Citori 12-gauge shotgun.


You see, Browning is one of the sponsors of this year’s Rooster Road Trip.  As part of their sponsorship, Browning has generously donated a blaze orange Browning & Pheasants Forever hat for every person that joins or renews their PF membership online through this special link during the week of the Rooster Road Trip.  In addition to these cool lids, Browning has sent us a few new shotguns to field test on the trip.  Anthony will be using the new Maxus, while Andrew will be shouldering the Cynergy for the week. 


The kicker is that I get to shoot the pinnacle of pheasant shotguns – the Browning Citori.  And here’s the icing, every person that joins Pheasants Forever through this special link this week qualifies to win the Browning Citori I’ll be using this week on the Road Trip.  Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of your new gun with frequent cleanings and no bouncing around in the back of the truck.


So, here’s the straight skinny on someone’s brand new Browning Citori.  It arrived at the Pheasants Forever offices two weeks ago.  In the meantime, I took it pheasant hunting in Minnesota to get familiar with the gun.  The first shot ever fired wasn’t at a range busting clays.  The first time this Citori’s trigger was ever tickled was the exact scenario I’ve described in the first paragraph above.  One shot, one rooster.  Would you expect anything less from a Citori? 


Join or renew your Pheasants Forever membership today through this special link to receive a new Browning hat and your chance to win this field tested Browning Citori 12 gauge shotgun.


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