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NEW FOR 2013: Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


Much like pheasants and ducks share a similar need for grassland habitat to nest in, pheasant hunters and duck hunters share a few similar characteristics as well, namely staying dry.  Along this line of thinking, Gamehide has modified its Marshlord Pullover for you to take into the uplands in 2013…and beyond.

Made from Gamehide’s new Stormhide SST fabric, the upper portion of the Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover is, as its namesake would suggest, laminated and waterproof for maximum protection. Pheasant hunting in the rain isn’t anyone’s preference, but it’s a good idea to safeguard against the worst – and I wonder what my dog would think of me if I bailed out because of a few raindrops. This is one of the few truly waterproof upland garments available, which alone makes it worthy enough to add to your collection.

I’ve always been a big fan of pullovers for the comfort level they provide, and the Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover checks out in that category as well. The fleece lined neck is soft and can be sealed up to shut out the elements, and the midsection fleece adds mobility and breathability. If the rain stops or it gets a little too warm, this pullover can be compactly rolled up and slipped into the back of your vest with little worry that it will affect your hunting or shooting (of course, if I miss, I always like to have something to blame it on).

Most similar pullovers these days easily top the three-figure mark, making the Gamehide “PF” Marshlord Pullover remarkably affordable at about half the price. And like all products in the Pheasants Forever MarketPlace, by purchasing the Gamehide Marshlord Pullover from Pheasants Forever, you support wildlife habitat conservation. Whenever you find the “PF” logo, you know you’re supporting our mission to create upland habitat for ringnecks. No conservation group works harder or more efficiently to protect the places you and your dog rely on to hunt.

Also new for 2013

Gamehide “PF” Upland Vest

The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Marketing Specialist.

Father’s Day for the Pheasant Hunter

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This special Pheasants Forever membership offer is available till close of business on Friday, June 10th

In case you don’t have it marked down on your calendar already, Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day.  For most of us, it was dad who brought us into the pheasant hunting fold.  What better way to honor pops than with a new pheasant oriented gift.  Here are a few ideas:

Special Pheasants Forever Membership Package ($35.00): Through this special offer (deadline is June 10th), you can purchase a year’s membership to Pheasants Forever for your dad.  That membership will be accompanied by a year’s subscription to the Pheasants Forever Journal; including the new 2011 Pheasant Hunting Preview issue, a PF vehicle decal and a Pheasants Forever Running Rooster T-ShirtNOTE: if your dad already has a current PF membership, this offer simply adds a full year on to his current membership’s expiration date.

Browning Polo Shirt ($42.95): You know he’d rather be bird hunting than golfing, but what’s a guy to do in July?  This 100% polyester polo is the perfect pheasant hunter’s golf shirt. 

Gamehide SST Hunting Shirt ($29.95): We’re closing out this shirt and it’s marked down 17%.  That’s a steal for this high quality and comfortable shooting shirt that will become a part of your dad’s autumn wardrobe for the next decade.



Pheasants Forever Pewter Belt Buckle ($14.95): Does your dad wear cowboy boots all summer long?  Then he probably needs a PF belt buckle to match those kicks.

Hoppe’s Shotgun Boresnake ($16.99): In my humble opinion, the boresnake is the greatest gun cleaning invention ever made.  Your dad will be able to keep his treasured scattergun in tip top shape in less than 60 seconds with the boresnake. 

Video Glasses
($149.95): Has your dad ever tried to explain the amazing shot he made on the other side of the hill?  Now he can!  I was pretty skeptical about these glasses when I first got a look at them.  However, as you can see by the quality of this video, they produce pretty darn good footage. 

Game Cleaning Table ($89.99): While Gander Mountain markets this as a fish cleaning table, it easily doubles as a bird cleaning station.  Save your dad’s aching back and sore knees while keeping all the dead game out of your mom’s kitchen.  Yeah, you should probably buy one for yourself too!

A Sand County Almanac Illustrated Edition ($29.95): Most consider Aldo Leopold to be the father of modern wildlife management.  This is his signature work and the foundation for Pheasants Forever’s habitat mission.

Lucky Hunting Hat ($16.95): Does your dad lament missed shots around the Thanksgiving dinner table?  Give the guy a hand with this bit of PF gear “guaranteed” to turn his shooting luck around!

Pheasants Forever Beer Mugs ($22.95): This set of 4 mugs is a must have for any pheasant hunter’s bar or rec room.  Just in time for holding cold beverages during the hot summer months.

Note: all orders through the Pheasants Forever MarketPlace need to be made by end of business on Friday, June 10th to guarantee delivery by Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19th.

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre and listen to Bob on FAN Outdoors radio ever Saturday morning from 6AM to 8AM (central time zone) at

Hunting For Thoughts on Hunting Apparel

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Browning is among the most popular outdoor apparel makers in the U.S.

My grandpa is the type of guy to genuinely show no interest in you, should you stray from his green way of living. John Deere green, that is.

I’ve yet to get caught up in the age old Deere vs. International or Ford vs. Chevy debates, frankly because I have no brand loyalty built up. Though I grew up on a farm, our tractor colors created a mixed race community. As for cars, I’m only qualified to enter conversations about Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Mercurys. Yeah, I’m an “old” 27.

It’s a similar my-life-is-a-collage story when it comes to hunting apparel. I mix Browning, Beretta and Boyt. Can’t forget about my good friend Bob Allen. Some days I’ll ride the Columbia. Gamehide? Check. And Filson just made the list when I picked up some new field chaps.

People definitely build perceptions and brand loyalties when it comes to these companies, too. Beretta’s been around for half a millennium, so ask any 300 year old and they’ll tell you Beretta’s how you do it. To some, Filson is viewed as elitist. To others, it’s the best. To me, I’ll have no problem throwing my new chaps on and feeling good about it because they are literally more valuable than the Kelley Blue Book price of my car.

Do you find yourself aligning with one particular line, or like me, do you mish mash it together?