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Dog of the Day: “Baja”

Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Baja vom Wamsbach, call name “Baja,” is Mary Standiford’s 16-month-old Kleine (Small) Munsterlander. A German import, Standiford says Baja is a hard-charging pup with tons of prey drive and a beautiful point. Baja worked these Iowa longtails up during a public land pheasant hunt in Iowa. One rooster sailed quite a distance and Baja and Standiford failed to mark it. “I began a grid search with the youngster. We did this for about 15 minutes and I wanted to give up,” Standiford said. But persistence prevailed. “I continued the search, and 25 minutes later our search was rewarded as Baja locked up on point again. Lying in front of her was the bird we were searching for. The feeling was like no other and I encourage everyone to put in the extra time no matter how impossible it may seem.”

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