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Pheasants in Advertising

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Everywhere I look, I see pheasants.

I was walking my 14-week old bird dog pup along a bike trail a quarter mile from Pheasants Forever’s National Office this afternoon during my lunch break when I encountered the North Dakota Tourism billboard pictured above.


Say what you will about advertising, this one worked on me.  I’ve been daydreaming about fall hunting trips all afternoon and it’s got me thinking about the power of pheasants in advertising.


North Dakota and South Dakota’s Tourism Departments frequently use pheasants in their advertising campaigns.  Our friends at Federal Premium Ammunition and Browning do as well.  I also recall countless beer neon signs, mirrors and posters “welcoming” hunters to local taverns across the pheasant range.


I’d like to see how many images we can gather of pheasants being used to “pitch” products.  From all the photos emailed, I’ll select the single most interesting pheasant-oriented submission to win the blaze orange Minnesota Wild hat featuring the Pheasants Forever logo along with the Sioux Falls Pheasants logo baseball pictured below.


Blaze orange Minnesota Wild hat featuring the Pheasants Forever logo along with the Sioux Falls Pheasants logo baseball

Send your photo submissions to  Thanks!


The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre.

The End of Fishing

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I'm done chasing northerns. It's bird season.

On Sunday at 2:45 p.m. CDT, I swung a chartreuse Rapala back and thought to myself: “This is my last cast of 2010.”

I will not be participating in the autumn walleye bite.  I will not be chasing muskies when they are most likely to strike.  My spot on the river banks for the salmon run will be unoccupied again this fall, and my waders won’t be used for steelhead casting either.

Don’t get me wrong, I like fishing.  It’s a pretty fun amusement to hold me over during the summer months.  But my first love has always been hunting.  And at my core, I am a bird hunter. 

It’s time to unleash the bird dog and hunt ‘em up!

Trammell is excited for fishing season to be over too.



  • Michigan’s ruffed grouse season starts on Wednesday, while Wisconsin & Minnesota open up the season this coming Saturday.


  • The Sioux Falls Pheasants put forth an impressive first season, but fell short of a championship.  They were swept in the American Association Championship round. 


  • I wrote about an ACE Hardware clerk confusing me with MMA champ Georges St.Pierre a few weeks ago.  Turns out there’s another St.Pierre connection out there.  After 14 years in the minors, Detroit Tigers catcher Max St.Pierre joined the big club.  My German shorthaired pointer, Trammell, is named after another Tigers ballplayer – Alan Trammell.


  • I enjoyed David Dibenedetto’s recent Field & Stream blog, but I just don’t think I could hunt with another man’s dog and leave mine at home.  I’m also nervous about the idea of rail hunting as described being “a cross between upland hunting and flats fishing.”  That spells GATORS to this Midwesterner!


  • I believe that the time has come for me to purchase a Garmin Astro.  I’ve been looking at them for two years and am about ready.  Any Astro owners out there willing to share their user reviews in the comments section below?

First Place Pheasants, Dieting 28 Gauges and Pheasant Chicks in Friday Linkage

Friday, May 21st, 2010

"You are looking much lighter these days."

New to Anthony’s Antics Afield, every Friday I’m going to post the stuff I’ve recently checked out and found worthwhile on the World Wide Web. Well, some of it’s worthwhile, anyways.

  • My Georgia Peach. I’ll just put it out there: Georgia Pellegrini, I’d be happy to dine with you any time. Georgia has put herself in the running to become The Official Pheasant Chick of Anthony’s Antics Afield. If you have other suggestions, I encourage you to post them below.
  • Semi semi-auto. The new Benelli 28 gauge Legacy is billed as the lightest semi-auto available. I handled the model that came in for the annual Pheasants Forever Shotgun Review, and if this thing was any lighter, it’d have to get checked for an eating disorder.
  • Sioux Falls Pheasants. Baseball fans who love pheasant hunting now have the perfect team to cheer for, the Sioux Falls Pheasants. Not surprisingly, these roosters are in first place.
  • Win a Gun. If, like me, you own a Remington firearm, and made a memory with it, you could win 13 Remington firearms, a case of ammunition for each gun, and a Remington safe.
  • HyperSonic. While we’re talking about Remington, they’re the latest to the high velocity waterfowl shotshell party.
  • Hunting Regs. A comprehensive site with up-to-date hunting and fishing regulations? Yeah, and that hot tub time machine was real.
  • Four! Idiots. The city of Forest Lake is just 10 minutes north of the Pheasants Forever national office, and home to at least four low denominators. Thankfully, we hold PF’s national golf tournament on the nearby lake-less Stillwater golf course.
  • The Brees Knees. No matter where it is, Super Bowl champion quarterback Drew Brees is always on target. Fellow Pheasant Blogger Andrew Vavra’s NFL lookalike also makes this gallery. Seriously, tell me they don’t look alike?
  • Great Cover. Let’s end the work week on a high note.

Enjoy your weekend outdoors!

Pheasants Playing Hardball in South Dakota

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Don't throw inside on this guy.

Hope springs eternal for pheasants (spring nesting) and baseball fans (spring training). In this instance, they’re one and the same.

The Sioux Falls, South Dakota, professional baseball team formerly known as the Canaries have changed their name to the Sioux Falls Fighting Pheasants (the team plays in the independent American Association). While the ring-necked pheasant has a storied history in South Dakota, so does Pheasants baseball – they were a minor-league team in Aberdeen at various times from 1922 to 1997.

This pheasant hunter, Pheasants Forever member and hardcore seamhead, for one, is amped up to see SoDak’s signature bird finally represented on the diamond. No word on when Fighting Pheasants pitchers and catchers report, though roosters will be crowing in a few weeks.