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Dog of the Day: “Baja”

Thursday, November 14th, 2013


Baja vom Wamsbach, call name “Baja,” is Mary Standiford’s 16-month-old Kleine (Small) Munsterlander. A German import, Standiford says Baja is a hard-charging pup with tons of prey drive and a beautiful point. Baja worked these Iowa longtails up during a public land pheasant hunt in Iowa. One rooster sailed quite a distance and Baja and Standiford failed to mark it. “I began a grid search with the youngster. We did this for about 15 minutes and I wanted to give up,” Standiford said. But persistence prevailed. “I continued the search, and 25 minutes later our search was rewarded as Baja locked up on point again. Lying in front of her was the bird we were searching for. The feeling was like no other and I encourage everyone to put in the extra time no matter how impossible it may seem.”

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Rooster Road Trip Dog of the Day: “Diana”

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


“Diana” is Mick Jensen’s small munsterlander, shown here with a rooster bagged on a Nebraska Open and Fields and Waters property in northeast Nebraska. A Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioner, Jensen represents the state’s northeast district in overseeing the state’s fish, wildlife, parks and outdoor recreation resources. The Open Fields and Waters Program is a joint project of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Pheasants Forever.

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Dog of the Day: “Diana,” Small Munsterlander

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013


“Diana” is Mick Jensen’s Small Munsterlander, an amazing hunter and his best friend. There’s good reason to believe that Mick is also Diana’s best friend.

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Puppy Pointers from the Staff of Pheasants Forever

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

PF's Greg Emerick says a one-word training tip (CONSISTENCY) can turn a bird dog into a pheasant machine like his Gordon setter, Hazel

The Pheasants Forever headquarters features a parade of bird dog puppies these days.  Fellow blogger Andrew Vavra became the latest puppy papa with a new yellow Lab named Beau.  He joins National Pheasant Fest guru Brad Heidel’s black Lab, Otis, and Karlene Carlson’s English setter, Rusty, as this spring’s new additions to the Pheasants Forever bird dog family.

This morning, I visited a sampling of bird dog owners throughout the Pheasants Forever office.  The question I posed: “What one nugget of advice would you offer a first time puppy owner to help them shape a fantastic hunting companion and family member?”  Here are their responses:

“Be consistent, especially between the husband and wife; make sure you both use the same commands and have the same rules, like staying off furniture.”

Allan Ferguson, Controller and owner of small Munsterlander, Millie


“Be sure that your living arrangements provide enough space for a high energy bird dog.  Our Lab was originally given to a shelter because the previous owners didn’t have enough room for a Lab in their townhome.”

Ron Leathers, Government Grants Coordinator and owner of black Labrador, Molly


“Make sure you get your puppy out playing with other puppies and dogs.  Socialization is very important for a hunting dog, but often over-looked.”

John Edstrom, Merchandise Supervisor and owner of two English setters, Chance & Jake


“I think it’s important for people to know that a good hunting dog can certainly be a good inside dog and member of your family.  The idea that a hunting dog has to live outside is a myth.”

Carol Durtschi, Membership & Accounting Services and owner of Springer spaniel, Scout


“A little bit of training every day will keep it fun for the pup and get you where you want to go.  Be mindful of not over doing it.”

Eric Tarasewicz, Webmaster and owner of chocolate Labrador, Cocoa


“My advice is use consistency: feed at the same time every day, take outside at the same time every day, use the same terms (such as if you say “off” instead of “down” don’t change it) and tell people to use the same term when they’re around them. Eventually the dog will catch on and you can change the schedule a little, but as a puppy it’s a must! It’s as much about training the person as the dog.”

Sara Holle, Magazine Graphic Designer and owner of a black Lab mix, Sydney
“Patience is critical.  Puppies take time, but they aren’t going to be master hunters overnight.  Have realistic expectations and have fun with the process.”

Joe Duggan, VP of Marketing & Corporate Relations and owner of two Boykin spaniels, Snickers & Buck Shot

PF Journal Editor Mark Herwig takes joy in doing his own bird dog training, pictured here with his Springer, Hunter


“I am a big proponent of training your own bird dogs.  It doesn’t take a bunch of time, but it does take knowledge and dedication.  Pick up a good training book and you’ll be able to do it yourself.  The bond you’ll form by doing the training yourself is incredibly strong.”

Mark Herwig, Editor of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever Journals and owner of two Springer spaniels, Wolf & Hunter


“One word: CONSISTENCY.”

Greg Emerick, Director of Corporate Sales and owner of Gordon setter, Hazel


“Follow through is critical.  Don’t change your expectations.  Be consistent.”

Lou Ann Hausladen, Grant Assistant & Life Member Services and proud owner of recently passed yellow Lab mix, Rosie


“We potty trained our youngest Brittany using a bell.  Every time we took him out, we rang a bell with his paw for him.  After about a week, he rang the bell by himself when it was bathroom time.  It has been so much easier than any of our previous dogs.”

Diane Weyandt, Director of Membership and owner of two Brittanys, Jake & Cooper


Well there you have it.  Lots of great dog training advice from the folks at Pheasants Forever.  Is there something we missed, please feel free to post your own tips below.  Thanks!