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The Single Most Important Thing I’m Bringing on the Rooster Road Trip

Sunday, October 27th, 2013


Photo by Anthony Hauck / Pheasants Forever

Despite a full-size SUV full of pheasant hunting gear and nice shotguns, the most important thing coming with me on this year’s Rooster Road Trip is a piece of paper. Printed on that sheet are the phone numbers and addresses for every veterinary office in the locations of each of the five states we’ll be hunting in the next week.

Last year as a first-time dog owner, my eagerness to hunt with my own dog, combined with my novice skill level, left me woefully unprepared for a dog emergency in the field. With a full offseason to reflect – not to mention a few summertime trips to the vet – I vowed this season to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I’ve gone ahead and picked up a Sporting Dog First Aid Kit, but it’s not going to just sit in the truck. My vest pockets are now stuffed with the essentials to deal with minor issues and buy precious time if a major one arises.

And that’s where the paper in the glove box comes in. Whether it’s a slight sprain or a major cut from a barbed wire fence, the sooner you get your dog to a vet, the sooner professional treatment begins. In the vast regions of pheasant country we love to visit most, vet offices are frequently more than 30 miles from your location. Cell service is spotty. When minutes, maybe even seconds matter, you have to know where to go and who to call. We’ll be using technology to bring you the best of the Rooster Road Trip this year, but if the worst arrives, I’ll be counting on a paper trail.

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A Bird Dog Christmas

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The bird dogs’ stockings have been hung by the chimney with care.

Based upon a completely unscientific poll of my friends, family and co-workers, I’ve come to the conclusion most folks wrap a little something under the Fraser fir for their bird dog.  Truth be told, my wife already has some fancy doggy biscuits and chew toy pheasants stuffed into our two shorthair’s stockings.  Yes, both of our GSPs have stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel.


However, after my recent run of hunting outings involving dog accidents, I’d like to offer a more practical, and potentially life-saving, Christmas idea for you and your bird dog- a sporting dog first aid kit.


Consider, during my last three hunting excursions I’ve been in the company of three separate dog injuries.  First, my buddy Matt Kucharski’s shorthair was poked in the eye with a branch during a ruffed grouse hunt that broke off and left a two inch segment inside the pup’s eye cavity resulting in my first trip to the vet for the week.


The very next day, Billy Hildebrand, host of FAN Outdoors radio, and I were pheasant hunting when his fabulous Brittany sliced a massive gash in her paw on some remnant barbed wire bordering a Minnesota WMA.  The second vet visit.  By the way, vets don’t offer frequent visit punch cards.  I asked.


And five days later, Kucharski’s shorthair attempted to eat a dead porcupine to the dismay of her owner.  A half hour later, we’d removed two dozen quills.  Somehow, I’d miraculously avoided the vet visit hat trick.


Add my recent string of bad bird dog juju to my young shorthair’s own porcupine encounter earlier this year and my older shorthair’s penchant for skunk sprayings, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s inevitable for any dog owner to go through too many seasons without a bird dog medical emergency.


Contents of the Sporting Dog First Aid Kit offered through Pheasants Forever’s online store

While the sporting dog first aid kit offered in the Pheasants Forever online store rings the cash register with rather a large $85 mark, I’ve found it’s virtually impossible to assemble this kit’s components individually under the sticker price.  In the end, it’s a small investment on a critical piece of gear most of us believe we’ll never need, but wish like heck we had when an accident occurs.

NOTE: Items purchased through the Pheasants Forever online store by the end of Thursday, December 13th will be guaranteed arrival prior to Christmas. 


Will your bird dog find something under your tree on Christmas morning?


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