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The Garmin Alpha is a Pheasant Hunter’s Tool of Silence

Izzy & Trammell show off the new Garmin Alpha

Garmin’s new Alpha merges a GPS tracking collar with an electronic dog training collar system. I have owned the Astro, Alpha’s predecessor, for two years and was excited to give Garmin’s new gizmo a field trial this week along the Rooster Road Trip.

I was, however, hesitant about one thing; there is no beeper feature with the Alpha for pointing dogs. I have religiously run a beeber / eCollar combo with my Astro for the audible comfort of knowing exactly where my pup was at any given moment. In essence, I was using Astro’s GPS tracker to ensure my ability to always find a lost dog, but in reality I was only utilizing a small percentage of the collar’s benefits. Enter the Alpha and the added comfort of eCollar control.

After three full days of running the Alpha, I can say without reservation I’ve enjoyed the silence. As I’ve become more comfortable with the easy-to-use Garmin receiver screen and control for the electronic training buttons, I’ve noticed the added quiet to our hunting. There is little doubt the added stealthiest is helping our chances in cornering wily roosters accustomed to the sound of beepers, car doors and other abnormal sounds.

The other awesome feature of the new Alpha is its ability to track other hunters with Alpha units.  In other words, I’ve known exactly where Anthony & Andrew have been even when we’ve hunted some big rolling Nebraska prairies simply by looking at my handheld Alpha.

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Vice President of Marketing. Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre.

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3 Responses to “The Garmin Alpha is a Pheasant Hunter’s Tool of Silence”

  1. Dave Scherf says:

    bob, I heard that both the Alpha and Astro had the ability to beep and or vibrate the hand held remote when your dog is on point. so the dog doesn’t beep, but the hand held alerts you when your dog is in heavy cover and you can’t see him and then you look at the wcreen to see where he is so you can move in. Is that true?

  2. Bob St.Pierre says:

    @Dave Scherf: Yes, the handheld does vibrate and beep at you. That is true. In my blog I was referencing the hawk screech or beep from a beeper collar when the dog is on point.

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