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Things I Believe about Bird Dogs . . . and you may think I’m an Idiot

Somebody opened a treat jar somewhere!

  • I believe bird dogs take on personality traits of their owners.


  • I believe bird dogs “recognize” individual dogs they’ve “met” before.


  • I believe my bird dog can hear the lid of her treat jar from distances greater than sound should be able to travel.


  • I believe my bird dog knows if we’re hunting for pheasants versus ruffed grouse when she leaves her truck kennel by assessing the habitat around her.  A forest equals ruffed grouse, while grasses equal pheasants.


  • I believe bird dogs recognize their own kind.  Released into a group of other bird dogs, I’ve watched golden retrievers sniff other goldens first, Labs sniff Labs first . . . same goes for shorthairs, Brittanys, and springers.


  • I believe bird dogs are the key ingredient to getting a new generation interested in bird hunting and wildlife habitat conservation.



  • I believe bird dogs enjoy fireplaces, sleeping in on Sundays and quality habitat as much as his/her hunting master.


  • I believe if you name your bird dog “Trouble,” “Tank,” “Precious,” or “Crash,” then that dog is going to live up to their dubious name.


What about you?  Are there things you believe about your bird dog that may be considered a little left of center?


The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre.

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19 Responses to “Things I Believe about Bird Dogs . . . and you may think I’m an Idiot”

  1. Bruce says:

    When I zip up my gun case down stairs to go trap shooting, Lucy my shorthair, won’t even get off the couch. When I zip up the case to go pheasant hunting she’ll be doing her tap dance at the front door waiting for me!

  2. Steve Horton says:

    I believe bird dogs know exactly what a couch is for.

    And pillows too.

    I believe bird dogs can count. Get 2 treats and give them one, they know there’s one left.

    I believe bird dogs can smirk when you miss a bird.

    I believe bird dogs have a hole in their memories when it comes to porcupines.

  3. Roy Owens says:

    I believe one of the best things about a good days hunting is- looking into your dogs kennels at your curled up,hard working , sleeping dogs and wondering are they re-playing the days hunting ???? Happy days :-)

  4. Matthew Smith says:

    I believe that both of my bird dogs know that when they see a certain article of clothing that I am about to put on means its getting ready to go bird hunting.

    I believe that my bird dogs understand what I am saying to them but refuse to listen when they are out looking for birds.

  5. Petey says:

    I believe my bird dog recognizes places we’ve hunted before, even in the pitch black mornings as we head for the duck blind.

    I believe watching a bird dog work and go on point can be more satisfying than filling a game bag.

    I believe a bird dog is the best hunting buddy, because no matter what, he’s always ready to go.

  6. Celia says:

    Our dogs know that e-collars mean fun time (birdhuting). They know the difference between a shotgun and a rifle. Some of mine know when 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. is. And they all know the dog box on the truck means we’re getting ready to go!

  7. Kelley says:

    I believe that my bird dogs look back at me & think “WTF?” when I miss the only bird we have found all day.
    I believe that bird dogs discriminate against other dog breeds.
    I believe bird dogs know when fall arrives.
    I believe that my bird dogs know when we are leaving on a long hunting trip.
    I believe that the closer the relationship you have with your bird dog, the harder that bird dog will work for you.

  8. Rhonda says:

    I believe my dog knows the difference between leaving for the office or going on a trip by whether I pack her pink back pack or not….if she happens to hear me pick up my hunt pack…..it’s on!

  9. I believe that my bird dogs love me more than many of my relatives!!:)

  10. David Stengel says:

    I believe the GPS was created to be our hunting companion, and that he is fullfilling his destiny when he’s on point.

  11. Mark Swenson says:

    I believe buying a bird dog breed and then not taking the poor dog hunting should be considered abuse.

  12. Betty says:

    I do believe and know when I put my hunting vest on for birding, whether it be for training or a fall day hunt they knew and are ready.

  13. I love the feedback folks. Thanks for being a “believer!”

  14. Scott Siman says:

    I believe that watching a good dog work is the greatest pleasure.
    I believe that keeping a journal of “Buck Moments” will keep him alive forever.
    I believe all the words of “I want you to love me like my dog does” are true.

  15. Trey Rigby says:

    Bob, these are cracking me up!
    I believe bird dogs have the memory and love that humans can only wish for.
    I believe bird dogs learn quickly who they can trust… The more they trust you, the more obedient and the harder they hunt.
    I beleieve bird dogs know as soon as the garage opens, whether or not you have training quail with you.
    I believe bird dogs try to compensate for your misses.

  16. john brewer says:

    I believe bird dogs go to haven , but if they don,t then I want to go were they go, they know were the birds are!

  17. john brewer says:

    I believe my dog can type better than I can. Sorry ,the place is Heaven!

  18. Double D says:

    I believe bird dogs know where the birds are better than I do, even if I think the stubble is too short to ever possibly hold said birds.
    I believe bird dogs understand love and loss a lot better than humans do.
    I believe bird dogs learn more on their own than we could ever teach them.

  19. Jimmy Haddox says:

    I believe bird dogs can turn rabbits too! I believe bird dogs can go from 100mph to 0 on a bird! I believe bird dogs can be rowdy and rough and gentle too! Brutus adores my 10 month old son and loves him to pieces! He knows what camo and blaze orange means!


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