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This is My Classic Shotgun: Remington Model 17 Pump 20 Gauge


James (Jay) F. Gore had fond childhood memories of a Remington Model 17 pump action 20 gauge shotgun, so when he found a used one in good condition at a Missoula gun shop in 2007, he sprung for it. His Model 17 was made in 1925.

That same year, Gore toted the Model 17 on Montana’s pheasant hunting opening day. “I had the poly choke turned to the stop between improved cylinder and modified.  I was using Federal 2 ¾ inch shells with ¾ ounce of #6 steel shot as we were hunting on the Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge and steel was required,” Gore said. Seven rounds were put through the Model 17 that day. “Four shots were wasted on my eagerness and shooting at birds too far.  When I settled down, my next few shots connected on three rooster pheasants that were ‘puffed’ at 20-30 yards. The little old Model 17 worked like a charm.”

Consider Gore in the camp that believes classic guns are meant to see the field. “It was rewarding finding, buying and hunting with this antique.  I’m a happy guy.”

Do you have a classic shotgun with a story to tell? Email a photo to Anthony Hauck, Pheasants Forever’s Online Editor, at ahauck@pheasantsforever.org.

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One Response to “This is My Classic Shotgun: Remington Model 17 Pump 20 Gauge”

  1. John W says:

    Yes! I wholeheartedly agree, Jay. These classics need to be in the field, not sit in a gun cabinet. If you get a scratch on the gunstock, so what. It adds character..and .maybe even a story to tell your kids when you give them the gun someday. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Anthony, great idea for a blog. Keep the classic guns coming.


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