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Update: Farm Bill Fails in House

Pheasant habitat and pheasant hunting depend on a conservation-friendly Farm Bill. Photo by Anthony Hauck / Pheasants Forever

Pheasant habitat and pheasant hunting depend on a conservation-friendly Farm Bill. Photo by Anthony Hauck / Pheasants Forever

Yesterday, the House of Representatives failed to pass Farm Bill legislation critical to the future of so many conservation programs, as well as new conservation policies.

While Pheasants Forever is currently assessing options available, it is clear that conservation interests are best served by maintaining a strong suite of programs like the Farm Service Agency’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), the Natural Resource’s Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) and many others. Conservation policies like conservation compliance tied to crop insurance, as well as provisions helping protect native prairies, are critical components of whatever final package makes its way through Congress. We certainly urge all members of the House of Representatives to find the pathway that makes this possible.

The D.C. Minute is written by Dave Nomsen, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Vice President of Government Relations.

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3 Responses to “Update: Farm Bill Fails in House”

  1. John says:

    Money talks. Bare land in Iowa is selling for $12,500 an acre – so an 80 acre parcel costs $1 million…….and you think people are going to sign up for any initiative that does not pay them the equivalent of what a good crop of beans or corn brings in a year. The Farm Bureau owns this state and our legislators can’t fight them……it is all about money. No one even bats an eye when you try to tell them hunting + habitat = $$$$$, they do not see it anymore. The good old days are gone forever. The Iowa DNR is planting food plots to sunflowers for dove hunting, that tells you all you need to know about the plight of pheasants in this once #2 bird hunting state in the country. Sad.

  2. I wondered why I never got a letter from my rep this time now I see why. he won’t get my vote when he comes up for election again. and John your right it’s all about money no one cares about the environment anymore. it’s yesterdays news considering 58% of republicans don’t believe in global warming. it’s a sad loss. I’ll be writing my letters of thanks for nothing in five mins.

  3. John says:

    Good for you Dustin! All we can do is vote them out……..the problem is it seems like anyone we vote in is instantly turned into a millionaire by special interest groups…….and “we” (conservationists, hunters, caretakers of wildlife and lands) seem to not have a voice anymore because we do not do a good enough job of tying it all to money. Another thing we can do is do like I did, take extra jobs, save money, and buy your own land and manage it for wildlife. I could only afford forty acres 7 years ago, but at least I can manage it for the benefit of more than just lining my pockets with more pieces of silver so my kids can fight over it when I am dead! It is not about how much you have, it is about how you take care of what you have, for the benefit of all.


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