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World’s Largest Pheasant Has Some Work Done

The "World's Largest Phesaant" in Huron, South Dakota. Photo courtesy of the Dakota Inn

From the “Only in South Dakota” section of today’s news, the “World’s Largest Pheasant” in Huron, South Dakota, is undergoing a restoration. Looks like it will be in tip top shape to greet pheasant hunters this October.

From KELOLAND Television:

A committee in Huron has raised $20,000 restore the “World’s Largest Pheasant.”

The group has also raised $8,000 from businesses and residents to maintain the pheasant for the next 10 years.

A sign at the statue will list all names of donors.

Local artist Schaun Schnathorst and his brother, Bob Carlson, have been working on the 40-foot-long by 28-foot-tall bird since May. They’ve been doing repairs, priming and painting.

It’s scheduled for completion in August, weather permitting.

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3 Responses to “World’s Largest Pheasant Has Some Work Done”

  1. Les Froehlich says:

    I know of one place were the pheasants are larger than this one. We have a 70 ft long and 40 ft high rooster, on the Enchanted Highway north of Regent, ND. Heck the hen is even larger than the pipsqueek in this photo even the chicks are nearly as large. South Dakota has a habit of exagerating it’s claim of being the pheasant capital of the world and that is ok with me. Here in North Dakota we don’t need the publicity, let all the out of state hunters go to SD that leaves more birds for us here in ND. check this link: http://www.realnd.com/enchantedhighwayindex.htm

  2. Derek Lodermeier says:

    Les is right the one in Regent is bigger, but there is no birds in ND anyways.

  3. @Les & Derek, thanks for pointing out another roadside attraction for the traveling pheasant hunter! – Anthony


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