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Your Fido is Fat

This "Sting Phenomena" takes place across millions of households each night.

Okay, so maybe your bird dog isn’t fat, but if you happen to live in Minneapolis, Minn., there’s a good chance this blog post’s title is accurate, at least according to the people at Banfield Pet Hospital. In their recent State of Health 2012 Report, Banfield revealed there has been a 38 percent increase in the number of dogs residing in Minneapolis that were considered obese after analyzing data from 2 million dogs cared for at their hospitals. This is no statistical drop-in-the-bucket.

This new found information certainly won’t help the jokes running around the office that I just have another “overweight yellow Lab” (she’s a slender 55 lbs., by the way) and that all she’s good for is finding rabbit pellets and cheeseburgers.  But all good natured ribbing aside, did a recent email from the AKC really have to use a graphic of a yellow lab to explain pet obesity?

Luckily I can take solace in the fact that my beloved Labrador retrievers aren’t alone in America’s obesity epidemic. Over the past five years, the overall national average for pooches packing on too many pounds has increased an astounding 37 percent. Before you call up your Lab-owning friends to poke fun at them, turn your pup for a cold-hard-look in the mirror.

If those statistics, coupled with the prospect of finding birds in the fall, aren’t enough to get you and your pup off the couch and away from the pantry for spring training sessions, I don’t know what will. Just keep in mind, people always say you look like your pet… well, maybe your bird dog is trying to tell you something.

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6 Responses to “Your Fido is Fat”

  1. Matt Koch says:

    I’m glad to know that it’s not only my labs that are so proficient at cleansing the yard of rabbit poop every morning.

  2. Trey Rigby says:

    A moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips right? Ha! No people food for our pointing dogs… Only good ol’ fashioned high quality dog food and treats. They may bust birds and conveniently go deaf at the word “whoa” but they’ll be in shape doing it!

  3. Chris Price says:

    My pups are on the raw food diet, my golden is healthy 48 lbs, and my 8 month chocolate is a bit heavier but still not over wait according to the vet. Thanks to raw food and a lot of running they are in great shape. Wish I was in as good of shape.

  4. Jeff says:

    One walk around Game Fair is an eye opener as to how many people’s dogs are overweight.

  5. Pierre native says:

    Best advice I got as a first time bird-dog owner two years back was my vet saying “keep her lean”. Only people food she gets is the occasional (beef) bone.

  6. Dan M says:

    A good high quality food in the proper ratio, I keep it around 26% protien and 16% fat, a sprinkle of olive oil now and then, 1 oz of home made lean jerkey for a treat now and then, no bisquits, no treats, never people food. Swim daily, run 3-5 miles daily. plenty of nylabones to satisfy chewing. 72 pound 2.5 year old pointing lab. No couch potatoes aloud in my house.


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